Tuesday, December 17, 2013


As seen in the Photos fish lake still has some time before there will be safe ice conditions.
standing by the lake this morning at 8:30 am found temperatures at 17 deg. and calm.
there is ice over much of the southern half of the lake dose not appear to be safe.
there is still a lot of open water from the center of the lake and extending north to nearly widgeon bay.
there were fish actively feeding on midges on the surface at the twin creeks area
fishing was slow.

Millmeadow Res.
 Ice was about 6 inches in depth in some places. fishing was fair for browns and rainbows in the early morning hours. there are decent flows from both the upper Fremont river and from spill over flows from forsyth, as a result millmeadow is rising quickly.

Bicknell Bottoms
has open water, fishing remains slow.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fishlake utah ice condition 2013 to 2014

Fishlake. There was a couple inches of ice over the south end, the north end also had ice extending out from the widgeon Bay Area, there was a guy out on ice there, not sure id risk it personally.
If the cooler temps hold there should be safe ice on the south end in a couple more weeks.
Twin creeks area still has open water and the fishing has been fair.

Mill meadow res.
 There is 3 to 4 inches of ice on the lake,  reports have been decent for healthy browns and a few rainbows.

Monday, November 18, 2013


 There is No ice yet on the main body, the marinas and some of the bays have a thin sheet of ice.
launching a boat is still possible, that could change any day.
fishing at the twin creeks area has been slow, the browns are in, fishing for them was not the greatest,
on the bright side we got in to several small rainbows using small sz 16 pheasant tail nymphs.

Thousand Lakes.
Access is still possible to the Solomon basin area, the lakes have ice forming, still to thin for ice fishing, some of the lakes thaw out in the afternoons.  fishing has been fair, sz 10 olive buggers have worked well.

Boulder Mtn.
Access is very limited, plenty of Snow and cold on the mtn.
all most all lakes are closed at this time.

Fremont River.
 the lower fremont has increased flows, fishing has been very slow, the Bicknell bottoms is fishing slow. the upper Fremont has been fishing well for smaller browns, we have been using October caddis and polish pheasant tail nymphs, glow bugs have also been affective.

Johnson Valley Res, access is still possible, there is a thin sheet of ice over most of the reservoir.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boulder mtn closes on November 1 st

Tried to access the fishcreek and beaver dam area... They are doing road construction on the main gravel road, it was a mess, 
Also there was 5 to 6 inches of snow on the trail up to the lake making access by vehicle difficult, we made it as far as the last steep hill before it was just to slick.
The lakes close  on the 1st of November... This is the final two days, for the season on the boulders.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Made it up to the river today with a couple friends, the fishing was incredible, October caddis, glow bugs, and October P.T.'s...

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Fish lake.
   Reports have been coming in for good fishing for rainbow trout and Splake in the 10 to 14 inch range by trolling on the east side of the lake, we have been fishing small buggers trailed with baetis nymphs in the twin creeks area and doing well.

Millmeadow / Forsyth
 Millmeadow is currently being drained for adjustments to the release gate,
access has been difficult with the low water.  Forsyth water levels are really good this fall fish were restocked and have been growing well.

Upper Fremont River.
flows are down and the fishing has been good for small browns, using glow bugs and October caddis nymphs and dries, there has been a few hatches in the afternoon of midges and tricos.

Bicknell bottoms.
Fishing has been fair some days and slow on others, there have been a good number of duck hunters in the bottoms so be careful.

Lower Bowns:
fishing has been good using silver and white buggers, fish have been in the 8 to 12 inch range.
the lake is very low making access difficult.

Boulder Mtn.
Fishing remains good in the Beaver dam and Fishcreek area, the splake and brook trout are stacked up in the inlets, getting the right presentation and flies can be tricky, patience will pay off, we suggest cream and light olive scuds, we also use purple prince nymphs, and October Pheasant tail nymphs,
calibaetis  nymphs crawled slow on the bottom have also been working well for us. there has been ice on some of the smaller lakes and on the edges of the bigger lakes in the morning hours, fishing has been best in the afternoons.

Thousand Lakes Mtn.
Fishing remains good in the Solomon basin area as well as round lake, there has been ice on grassy and deep creek in the mornings making fishing there difficult. small olive buggers and copper buggers have been fishing the best, also Zug bugs and lightning body prince nymph.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fly fishing report for Boulder mountain southern utah 10-13-13

Boulder Mountain:
There has been afternoon storms through the valley and on the mountain this week.
the mountain has minimal snow on it currently, access is still possible to almost all lakes, there has been ice on the edges of some of the lakes in the morning, and some of the smaller lakes have a full sheet of ice. flies... Rainbow warriors sz 18. olive bugger sz 10. cream scud, sz 14. zug bug sz 14.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fishing For Grayling in the Boulders With Mike at the Quiet Fly Fisher.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

southern utah fly fishing report

 the fishing on mill meadow has started to pick up with the cooler weather and water temperatures, the brown trout are in excellent condition this fall due to the absence of the abundant Utah suckers.
we have been fishing small olive buggers for the best results.

the reservoir has been restocked with tiger trout and Splake, these fish are small but growing really well, there are lots of fat healthy eager tigers in the 4 to 6 inch range ready to inhale most fly offerings...

The Bowery Haven closes this coming Saturday, the fishing has been fair at the inlets and along the weed line for healthy rainbows and the occasional splake. we have benn doing well with olive buggers trailed with a pheasant tail nymph.

Boulder Mtn.
The mountain has been really hit hard with the recent wind and rain storms, road conditions have been pretty rough in some areas with muddy conditions and there have been some trees that have blown across the roads. be prepared with a saw and chains to get your self out of bad situations.
bring warm clothes and rain jackets has temperatures on the mountain cool off rapidly with passing storms and at night... be prepared!!!
The fishing has been really good the last few days, cooler water temperatures have improved fishing on most lakes, despite this It is still critical to match the current hatches and look to target the feeding behavior of the fish on almost all lakes. we suggest using cream colored scud patterns and calibaetis imitations for the best results.

Thousand Lakes.
 The fishing has slowed here, look for fishing to improve through October as water temperatures drop.
prince nymphs sz 14, mohair leeches sz 10, zug bugs sz 14 & 12 and brown buggers sz 8.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Southern utah fishing report

Fish lake.
We have done well using small disco midges out from twin creeks , we also have picked up a few on pheasant tail nymphs sz 18 and 20.

The reservoir has been filling for a couple weeks due to less demands for irrigation, the fishing has been slower this year for Muskie we have picked up a couple smaller Muskie using a olive cone Heath zuddler. 

Upper Fremont.
Flows have been reduced from Johnson valley reservoir, the fishing has improved, we have been using hoppers with a hares ear dropper and picking up lots of smaller browns.

Lower Fremont.
Recent rains have blown out the river and it has been muddy and off color.

Boulder mtn.
The brook trout and tiger trout fishing has been really good with the cooling temperatures 
The fish have become more aggressive. Cream colored scuds and renegades fished slow have been working well. The grayling fishing has slowed with the cold raining weather. Note: the roads 
Have been really muddy and slick so be prepared 4x4 alone is not enough.
Thousand lakes mtn.
Fishing has remained good at round, Meeks and morel pond. Bead headed zug bugs and small buggers have done best

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Fall is quickly approaching and with it comes some really good fishing in the area, with the dog days of summer behind us the fishing pressure has eased off as well, there are still plenty of good fish to be caught if you are willing to put in the time on the water and figure out how to tap in to the feeding behavior of the trout.
good luck out there.
enjoy are latest video.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

southern utah fly fishing report


Fremont River.
the upper Fremont continues to fish well using a hopper dropper set up, with the cooling temperatures the fish have started to become more aggressive, olive buggers have been working great to get there attention. the lower Fremont is still running off color.

Mill Meadow.
This has been the best water this week, early morning and evenings have been best, cast to cruising fish from the shore line with hares ears, and olive sheep creek specials.

Thousandlakes Mtn.
the temperatures on the mtn have started to cool and the fishing is improving, we have done best at meeks, round, and morrel pond, using double renegades and olive buggers sz 10.

Boulder Mtn.
water levels on some of the lakes are low but not as bad as last year, the rains have helped, with cooler temperatures on the mtn the fishing has stared to get a little better, callibaetis nymphs have still been the best producer, also we have done well with renegades and cream colored scud patterns.

Fish lake.
fishing has been fair in the twincreeks area, fishing early in the morning has been best using olive buggers trailed with a soft hackle, fishing seems to slow when the wind hits the water.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


these are pictures from the last week of fishing enjoy and get out there and fish.




Sunday, July 21, 2013


U.M. Creek.
                       Fishing has slowed, with the warmer weather the cutthroat seek deeper cover and become more difficult to catch here, hoppers fished close to the undercut banks and up under the over hanging brush is picking up a couple fish.

Seven mile.
                    Fishing remains good for feisty brook trout and a small handful of cutthroat trout,
use a royal wulff on top and focus on the undercut banks.

Upper Fremont River.
                                    the river is still off color, however fishing remains decent with olive buggers fished in the pools and deeper runs.

Lower Fremont.
                              Recent rains have blown the river out there was flooding in the bottoms last weekend due to flash floods, it created a temporary dam across the river nearly dewatering the lower stretch for several hours, currently flows are back to normal but the water is heavily stained, it is unclear still how the fish below the bottoms survived.

fish have been stocked, the reservoir has been drained though for irrigation needs.

   The reservoir has good water levels currently. fishing has been slow. early morning has been best if you go.

fishing has slowed some as the fish have moved to deeper water. they are regularly feeding on callibaetis now, so bring your best imitations or swing in to the shop for some of ours.

Thousand Lakes.
                             The damsel flies are every where, the fish are clobbering them, bring some good imitations if you go.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


                Fishing has been fair to good outside the weed line in the twin creeks area for Rainbows and a few Splake, we use a sz 12 olive wooly bugger and trail it with a sz 14 pheasant tail nymph.
the takes can be light so be ready.

                       The reservoir is is filling currently, the grassy bank on the highway 25 side can be excellent early morning for cruising rainbows and very healthy 16 to 18 inch browns, watch for the rise and cast near it for an almost immediate take.

              the reservoir has been restocked, the fish are very small. look for this to be a great water next summer.

Fremont River.
                          The caddis hatch is in full swing, that coupled with early grasshoppers has made for some of the best dry fly fishing in the area currently.early mornings and late evenings are best.

         The fishing has slowed this month, there has been plenty of pressure up there, if you go, look for the fish to be holding really tight to the undercut banks, the fish are fat and selective right now so don't expect a banner day up there.

Seven mile Creek.
The fishing always seems to pick up on Sevenmile as the fishing slows on U.M. and this year has been no exception, fish a royal wulff along the undercut banks and the pools and expect fast action.
get away from the easy access points and you will have far better fishing.

July is the month for some pretty incredible fishing and hatches the most successful hatch is boy scouts, they are pretty much everywhere so be prepared for company, but really this is boulder mtn, with some looking and home work you can find some less known areas to find solitude.
that said the fishing has been unreal, the fishcreek beaver dam area has been amazing, take some time to find what nymph they like and you will be rewarded. Chriss lake is a great one to hike in to for alone time and amazing dry fly action. call text or email, your lake ideas to try and we are happy to help give more detailed info, e.mail and text works best as i'm out of service quite often.
Quiet Fly Fisher 435-616-2319 mikejames@scinternet.net

                               the reservoir is Low, the fishing remains incredible, get out in a float tube and pull flashy buggers and hang on the fishing is really fast, if you have not caught one with in 20 minutes change your color.

Thousand Lakes. 
 fishing has been good on Round and Morrel, the Damsel flies are active and the dry fly fishing is good. a tube is necessary for almost all lakes on this mtn.

FISH OF THE MONTH 26 inch 7 pound Brown. The Quiet Fly Fisher Guide service.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quiet Fly Fisher Fishing southern utah Report

We have Been fishing sz 10 olive buggers with a pheasant tail dropper just out side the weed line for Rainbows fishing has been best in the area surrounding twincreeks. 

 The Suckers are schooling up along the dam and at the inlets to spawn and they are being shadowed by some larger Tiger Muskies, we have been throwing a number of sz 2 and sz 4 bright streamers for the best action, fishing can be fair to slow so be patient.

 the upper is flowing high with releases from Johnson valley reservoir, the river is slightly off color as a result, olive wooly buggers fished in the eddies and pools have been working best.
the lower Fremont has a amazing Caddis hatch, there are also some yellow sallies coming off. evenings have been best, watch for rising trout and target them for the best results.

Mill meadow has been fishing well at the inlets for browns and rainbows, we have been using caddis nymphs fished deep for the best results, forsyth has been treated and fishing opportunity will be limited till next year.

excellent reports have been coming in from Fishcreek and Beaver Dam, target the inlet and fish Nymphs deep and slow.  the Boulder Top should be Open this week. the weather has been warm enough to trigger the callibaetis to hatch and the fish have been actively feeding on them.

 Neffs and Round Lake have been fishing excellent, fishing has also been really good at Morrel Pond. almost any nymph has been producing fish, the damsel flies are starting to emerge in good numbers now and the fish have been really eager to take a adult damsel dry fly as well.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stone Flies, Caddis, and May Flies

The fishing is amazing right now on most of the streams and the fremont river. the fish are keying in to almost any big attractor Dry Fly we have thrown. here is a few pictures of the latest.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Grayling are Coming!!!

Grayling season is here on 1
or 2 lakes and improving all the time.
now is the time to call. we went up on the mtn today and did amazing.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Upper Fremont.

The River still only has flows from the spill over at johnsons,

water clarity is down a little, the Fish have been picking up hares ear nymphs, the Lower Fremont below hiway 12 is low and Clear, there have been good hatches of bluewing olives and the caddis are starting to come off good now as well. all hatches should be in full swing in another weekor so.

Boulder all lakes are accessable below the rim, the top dose not open till after june 15 typicaly.

there have been some small calibaetis hatches. fishing on fishcreek and Blind the fish have been caught when fishing deep and slow with brown buggers.

Thousand Lakes.

Fishing remains fair, access is possible to deep creek, there is almost no snow left anywhere, round lake has been fishing good with a brown bugger trailed with a pheasant tail nymph.

Lower Bowns has been good from float tubes, fish have moved a little deeper, the fishing has days that are really fast with brown and grizzle buggers.

seven mile is still high with run off. U.M. creek has spawning cutthroat watch out for the spawning beds, fishing has been good with a hares hear fished tight to cover.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring On The Boulders and Other area waters.

 The Hatches have started on the Upper Fremont and on U.M. creek, The Cutthroat are actively spawning on most of the mtn Lakes and on the Streams, so be careful and don't step on the spawning beds.

                                     we hope you enjoy the photo's from are most recent trips.