Friday, March 29, 2013

fly fishing southern utah

Ice is coming off.
Ottercreek reservoir is clear.
Lower bowns is open for about 20 feet from the shore lines, access is by 4x4.
Koosharem res, ice is going fast 20 to 30 feet of open water.
Fishlake still had safe ice, though with the warmer weather it has been a little slushy.
millmeadow is open water, forsyth has some open water, both were treated to remove unwanted fish and are to be stocked this year.
upper fremont is fishing good.
Bicknell bottoms has slowed, fishing has been best with nymphs fished deep.
average day time temps have been 68 in the valley and 58 on the Mtn.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Upper Fremont And Fishlake

Went up to check out conditions on both the upper fremont and Fishlake today,
on the Upper Fremont there was a good hatch of midges, the fish were holding in the pocket water feeding activly on them. we checked the rocks and found tons of stonefly nymphs and caddis nymphs, they appear to be in high numbers this year. we saw some really big browns up there for this time of year, looked to average 14 to 18 inches.

Fish Lake.
    The Ice appears to be solid still. there was one group of guys out on the ice in about 15 feet of water that were doing well fishing through the ice for Rainbows. we fished the open water near twin creeks and caught 8 fish in about 30 minutes.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Upper Fremont as been fishing well, the warm weather that has been gracing the state as brought out a good midge Hatch, the browns have moved to the pocket water and the runs and have been actively feeding. access is good ( dry Roads ) from the millmeadow side all the way to mamoit springs.

  fishing has remained good with black buggers and nymphing with neon nightmares and midges.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Bicknell Bottoms, ( Fremont River )

When someone invites, or asks you to go fly fishing... you say, YES !!!
so it was when a friend showed up this afternoon asking about how conditions were on the upper Fremont, when asked if he had tried the bottoms before he admitted he had not, that's okay because the bottoms is not somewhere you want to venture in too alone anyhow, when I offered to go with him he said, Yes, after a few minutes we were pulling on our waders and stringing up our rods, there at the rivers edge, we were greeted by a Pheasant, a welcome site in the area, and then after slogging through some knee deep mud we were Fishing, it was non stop rainbows for 2 hours..... here is the results!!!  and remember I'm inviting you to come fishing, this is where you say.....