Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Bicknell Bottoms, ( Fremont River )

When someone invites, or asks you to go fly fishing... you say, YES !!!
so it was when a friend showed up this afternoon asking about how conditions were on the upper Fremont, when asked if he had tried the bottoms before he admitted he had not, that's okay because the bottoms is not somewhere you want to venture in too alone anyhow, when I offered to go with him he said, Yes, after a few minutes we were pulling on our waders and stringing up our rods, there at the rivers edge, we were greeted by a Pheasant, a welcome site in the area, and then after slogging through some knee deep mud we were Fishing, it was non stop rainbows for 2 hours..... here is the results!!!  and remember I'm inviting you to come fishing, this is where you say.....

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