Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Southern Utah Fly Fishing Report

The Upper Fremont.
Flows are from both mamoit springs and from Johnson valley reservoir,
the road is clear on the mill meadow reservoir side to the first rest room area, past that there is snow on the road off and on we suggest using caution.
the fishing has been amazing, fish are holding on the tail outs of the pools and have actively been feeding on prince nymphs and hares ear nymphs.
Bicknell Bottoms.
good access. there is very light pressure here and the fishing has slowed the last week or so. the few fish that we have caught have been on midge nymphs fished deep and slow.
Fishlake. access is good to the lake from highway 24. ice seems to be holding at 18 inches or so.
there have been a few nice lake trout being taken in 100 feet of water.
thousandlakes mtn..
fishing has been good for those who have made there way up to neffs. the Solomon basin area has been barely touched this winter.
Boulder Mtn. some nice fish were caught jigging through the ice on blindlake, also on oakcreek.
access is by snowmobile and hiking .

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