Friday, December 16, 2016

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Fly fishing southern Utah. Capitol Reef. Boulder mountain. Fremont River.
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With the warmer then average weather this winter I decided to take advantage.
I started on a near by reservoir, the ice had not yet completely covered, I chose a pre-rigged 5 weight with a sink tip line and a simiseal leech. The air was calm and I casted to the edge of the ice, waited a few seconds,listening to the Bald Eagle cry from the near by hill side, I began to retrieve, Bam! The hit was solid,  and the fighting fish brought  me a smile, the fishing remained fast for the 40 minutes I had on the water, with a hit, or a fish, about every other cast.
 It was a welcome escape.
Can't wait for spring!
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Monday, November 7, 2016

Fly Fishing Southern Utah, Guide service and fly shop.

Fly fishing report for southern Utah fly fishing the area around Capitol reef.
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the Kokanee are still running!
there are still several kokanee gathered up in the twin creeks area, those coupled with the Splake, and Browns, have made this a great spot to fish this fall! Try olive ruby eyed leeches, and egg pattern with some orange in them for the best results.
Fremont river.
The flows on the upper Fremont have dropped considerably now, Johnson valley reservoir has been shut off, however it is close to the top spilling gate, I would guess in a month there could be increased flows as a result. The fishing has been great the last couple of days with midge patterns, hares ears, October caddis nymphs, and streamers. The browns are spawning at this time of year so Be aware and please, ” don’t tread on the Redds.
Forsyth reservoir.
The reservoir has a good amount of water in it, and it is filling.
The tiger trout have been aggressively been chasing streamers! We have even picked up a couple small splake on nymphs stripped in slowly. Olive or black buggers, sz 8
Millmeadow reservoir.
The reservoir will go in to this winter with decent water this year, it has been shut off for the season and is slowly filling.
The brown trout have been aggressively chasing streamers here aswell. Try browns black and olive, days when the wind is calm and the lake flat have been the best.
Thousand lake mountain.
Access is currently still possible to all lakes on the mountain, there is no snow yet.
Fishing has been good stripping streamers, try browns and olive, we are still picking up some fish on October caddis nymphs and adults as well,
Boulder mountain.
Access is still possible to most lakes on the mountain, there is still no snow! However there has been some closed gates, several of the lakes have also closed for the season check the fishing proclamation to see which lakes remain open in the winter.
Fishing has been fast for the lakes that are still open, the brook trout are very aggressive at this time of year, try nymphing around the springs and rocks for the best success, we also have been float tubing and stripping mohair leech patterns with excellent success .
Lower Bowns.
Float tubing this lake at this time of year is incredible, there are plenty of aggressive Rainbows hammering leech patterns. With the later then usual warm weather this has been a Great Lake.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fly fishing southern Utah guide service Flyshop

Quiet Fly Fisher Guide service and Fly Shop!
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Kokanee are making there first Run In Fishlake this year!
these fish were reintroduced to the lake in the spring of last year, they were not expected to begin spawning seriously until next year, 2017, yet here they are, and they are in excellent condition, it appears the lake is agreeing with them well, I would say the lake trout fishing is going to continue to get better and better each year aswell.
we have been fly fishing for them with several different leech patterns, they really like red and green!
Its so neat to have another fish to try for in southern Utah, the neat thing about fishlake is if the Kokanee get fussy, there are Splake, Tigers, Rainbows, Browns, or occasionally the od lake trout or Perch to readily accept your offering, remember that you can not hav any Kokanee in your possession till after November 30th.
the weather has been great down here! There is still no Snow on the Boulders or in the area, the mornings have been cold though, we have discovered ice on the edges of several of the higher lakes we have hiked in to.
the upper Fremont is still high with releases from Johnson valley Reservoir, the Browns are running but are difficult to locate in the off colored water, it should be low and clear by November first. Beaware of the redd’s! Don’t Tred on the redd’s! That’s next years babies there!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Southern utah fly fishing guides

Boulder Mountain.
fishing has really started to pick up!
there is nothing like casting leech patterns, sz 12 scuds and other flashy flies and having huge tigers, Splake, and Brook Trout crush them! It's time to get up on this mountain now! There is still no snow, access is normal rock crawling excitement. Fish.

Thousand Lakes mountain.
october Caddis! Traveling caddis! Huge moth with a orange body that the fish are eating like a real man eats a Taco! They are on both mountains and are working great! We fish both the nymphs and adults. It's fall and the fish are Hungry!
Fish Lake.
I love this lake in the Fall, I only have to share it with 5 people instead of 500, and, well, the fishing just gets dang good! The Splake move in, the Browns move in, the Kokanee move in and  the rainbows eat anything that looks like a egg! Try sinking lines and pulling your favorite streamer pattern! The Kokanee like red! And green! The browns and Splake hammered my olive bugger!
Fremont River.
well the upper Fremont is still off color with water from Johnson, the browns are up in the river! The fishing is tough but a few nice fish are coming to hand. Please don't walk on the reds! That's next years babies your crushing there!
Seven mile Creek.
this creek has been stupid good!
tons of aggressive brook trout hunting down and killing October Caddis! We nymph them also.
again watch for the reds! Don't crush the babies!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Southern Utah Fly Fishing Boulder Mountain

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Boulder Mountain.
access is now possible to all lakes and trail heads below the rim, the boulder top will not be open till later this month.
fishing with leech patterns san Juan worms, and a variety of bead headed nymphs has been picking up a few fish.
look for the callibaetis hatches to start coming off late June to early July.
The Damsel Flies are just starting to show up…. a couple more weeks and it should be awesome!
this reservoir has been fantastic this year, there are good numbers of Brown Trout And Tiger Trout.
A float Tube is a great way to fish this water better and improve your chances, try fishing simi seal leeches and Zug Bugs.
Fremont River/UM/SevenMile
The upper Fremont is still running high due to increased flows from Johnson valley reservoir, the Caddis and Stone flies are starting to show up one more week and this river, UM creek, and Seven mile will be fantastic!
flows are coming down on both seven mile and UM creek.
The Lower Fremont is running low and Clear, fishing just keeps getting better and Better Here. it should peak for dry fly action in a couple more weeks, then hold for nearly a month before the hatches start to slow down.
Found This Damsel The Other day… Time To Get Excited!


Friday, April 15, 2016

Southern Utah Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Guides Report

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Here is this weeks report.

The Weather and the Fly Fishing Is Warming Up!
time to get out there!
Boulder mountain opens this weekend, however access is still not possible to most lakes below the rim, be prepared to get unstuck, and spend the night if you must. The lakes that you can access have iced off.
Thousand lakes mountain, nearly all the lakes are iced off, access is still only possible from the desert!
people have been trying to make it over the top, stop the insanity! There have been 3 people in this week alone stuck and that had to spend the night! , access is only good to Riley springs, past that there are several drifts, give it a couple weeks… Fishing has been good for those who have gone into Solomon basin from the desert.
you can access Johnson valley Reservoir from the highway 72 millmeadow side.
access from fish lake will be a couple weeks away, there is still a big drift covering the whole road in the frying pan area. Ice is still covering most of fishlake and Johnson valley. Johnson valley is clear full and spilling, as a result there are increased flows on the upper Fremont River, this has slowed the Fishing down a little there.
good luck out there and be prepared at this time of year with food water and the ability to stay warm over night if you are venturing in to the mountains.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fly Fishing Southern Utah, Fly Shop Fishing Report.

Fly fishing southern Utah, escape to southern Utah And Fly Fish with the Quiet Fly Fisher Guide Service And Fly Shop, for more Information or to book a trip visit us at
Here is this weeks southern utah fly fishing Report

the warm weather has been melting snow and Ice quickly, more and more waters are starting to open up.
here is a couple of pictures from our last outings.
otter creek is open.
millmeadow is mostly open.
forsyth is partly open.
kosharem is open, A 11pound, 27inch cutthroat was taken here last week.
lower bowns. open.
upper Fremont is accessible from millmeadow side.
lower Fremont, has good run off coming through at night, slightly colored during the day. Bicknell bottoms is still clear.
thousand lake mtn. still no access from forsyth.
boulder mountain. still has plenty of snow, access is very limited.
calf creek. had great fishing over the weekend.
still no access to Johnsons reservoir.
FishLake. rainbows are just barely starting to show up at the twincreeks area to spawn.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Southern Utah Fly Fishing Guides, fly shop and Guide Service.

Come escape to south central Utah and experience beautiful quiet fly fishing trips catered to you.
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the temperature has been great for this time of year. the Snow is Melting fast, it’s supposed to be windy tomorrow then snow/rain on the 18th then be back up to 51 deg by Saturday, that will make for some very slushy ice fishing, Millmeadow already has very soft edges, bring a board to get on, we fished it Monday, there was close to two feet of Ice, fishing was decent for some people, we got to anxious to fly fish and took off for the open water at the inlet, we caught some beautiful Tiger Trout There. still no access to Forsyth, checked today, looked like some people had tried and had been stuck about 200 feet down the road, not recommended.
I again went back to some open water today and Fly Fished, it was beautiful out there! I caught one nice Brown, managed to get a picture, caught a really nice tiger too, however with his dislike of me, and me having my big camera taking his picture didn’t work out for me.
It sure feels like Spring is on the way, time to start to think about getting those Fly Rods dusted off.
Tight Lines.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Fly fishing southern Utah guide service & fly fishing shop

Quiet fly fisher Guide Service and Fly Shop.
Come escape to south central Utah and experience beautiful quiet fly fishing trips catered to you.
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Here is your latest fishing report.
Upper Fremont.
Access is still limited. 
The warm week has opened up some water, I walked it today, there were quiet a few fish holding in the deeper pools, all looked to be actively feeding.
There was a good group of guys fishing out from the boat ramp, they had a couple nice fish, the reservoir is filling quicker now with increased flows from Forsyth, in years past fishing has been better when this happens. Edges could be soft though.
Forsyth had no activity, and there were no tracks in the snow, looks like it has been pretty much left alone this winter so far, it is now full and running over the spillway.