Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quiet Fly Fisher Fishing southern utah Report

We have Been fishing sz 10 olive buggers with a pheasant tail dropper just out side the weed line for Rainbows fishing has been best in the area surrounding twincreeks. 

 The Suckers are schooling up along the dam and at the inlets to spawn and they are being shadowed by some larger Tiger Muskies, we have been throwing a number of sz 2 and sz 4 bright streamers for the best action, fishing can be fair to slow so be patient.

 the upper is flowing high with releases from Johnson valley reservoir, the river is slightly off color as a result, olive wooly buggers fished in the eddies and pools have been working best.
the lower Fremont has a amazing Caddis hatch, there are also some yellow sallies coming off. evenings have been best, watch for rising trout and target them for the best results.

Mill meadow has been fishing well at the inlets for browns and rainbows, we have been using caddis nymphs fished deep for the best results, forsyth has been treated and fishing opportunity will be limited till next year.

excellent reports have been coming in from Fishcreek and Beaver Dam, target the inlet and fish Nymphs deep and slow.  the Boulder Top should be Open this week. the weather has been warm enough to trigger the callibaetis to hatch and the fish have been actively feeding on them.

 Neffs and Round Lake have been fishing excellent, fishing has also been really good at Morrel Pond. almost any nymph has been producing fish, the damsel flies are starting to emerge in good numbers now and the fish have been really eager to take a adult damsel dry fly as well.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stone Flies, Caddis, and May Flies

The fishing is amazing right now on most of the streams and the fremont river. the fish are keying in to almost any big attractor Dry Fly we have thrown. here is a few pictures of the latest.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Grayling are Coming!!!

Grayling season is here on 1
or 2 lakes and improving all the time.
now is the time to call. we went up on the mtn today and did amazing.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Upper Fremont.

The River still only has flows from the spill over at johnsons,

water clarity is down a little, the Fish have been picking up hares ear nymphs, the Lower Fremont below hiway 12 is low and Clear, there have been good hatches of bluewing olives and the caddis are starting to come off good now as well. all hatches should be in full swing in another weekor so.

Boulder all lakes are accessable below the rim, the top dose not open till after june 15 typicaly.

there have been some small calibaetis hatches. fishing on fishcreek and Blind the fish have been caught when fishing deep and slow with brown buggers.

Thousand Lakes.

Fishing remains fair, access is possible to deep creek, there is almost no snow left anywhere, round lake has been fishing good with a brown bugger trailed with a pheasant tail nymph.

Lower Bowns has been good from float tubes, fish have moved a little deeper, the fishing has days that are really fast with brown and grizzle buggers.

seven mile is still high with run off. U.M. creek has spawning cutthroat watch out for the spawning beds, fishing has been good with a hares hear fished tight to cover.