Thursday, March 27, 2014

Boulder mountain fishing utah

Hello Guys.
as many of you Know I have been Part of the Boulder Mountain Fishery Committee,
The Last Two Meetings there has been some serious discussion on whether to Poison Donkey Lake,
as Well as Upper Bowns also Known as Oak creek,  the argument is that the brookies are small and stunted.
one gentlemen tonight commented as saying... " I fished Donkey Lake 3 Times Last Summer and only Caught One
little Brookie and I'm a pretty good fisherman, also there is no food in that Lake for them fish to eat".
what are your thoughts on Donkey? Do you Feel It is Under Achieving? would You Be in Favor of treating it, or would you rather that
I fight for a different management plan to improve the fishery?  one suggestion was introducing a small number of tiger Musky to Help with population control.
Thoughts people Please.... if you like Donkey or Upper Bowns PLEASE, PLEASE, send me an email I need the input of you the Fisherman.
Second...  Cutthroat Trout... How many of you enjoy catching them? would you like to see more of them? or Less? 
also Grayling... More or Less of them? Do you Like the diversity of the fishery or would you rather see it narrowed???   please don't Just ignore this Email.
I need Fuel and Support From YOU THE FISHERMAN...   pass this around to all those you Know Who Have Fished the BOULDERS... I need Your opinions and Thoughts...  an effective thing is to right a letter addressed to the Boulder Mtn Fishery Committee. let me share your feelings, I need support please let your voices be heard.
Thanks Guys MIKE JAMES
Quiet Fly Fisher.
And thank you

Monday, March 17, 2014


FISHLAKE:    the air temperature at the lake today at 12pm was 48 deg,  the ice looked pretty slushy and rotten over most of the lake, there were soft edges over most of the east shoreline, the twin creeks area had open water, there were rainbow trout stacked up in the area, some were in twin creeks it's self, fishing is typically good at this time of year there, we recommend soft hackle patterns. and midge larva imitations.
 most of the lakes remain closed until April 19th.
Lower Bowns is open, access is possible to the lake now, there is no ice left on the reservoir.
typically fishing is good early spring for Rainbows, we recommend the inlet area with a brown or black bugger fished deep and slow, takes can be subtle so be ready.
Access is good to the upper fremont from the highway 72 side, water levels are still at winter flows.
we recommend a pheasant tail nymph fished shallow below an indicator. fishing has been good for small browns.
Ice is coming off the Solomon basin lakes use caution. fishing the open water as been good this spring access is currently only possible from the desert side, access was only possible as far as riley springs from the forsyth reservoir area road.
access is good to the reservoir the ice is broken up and going fast, the fishing has been slow this spring for smaller tigers and splake.
The Ice is broken up and with the wind it to is going fast.
fishing has been slow but steady for some nice rainbows and cutthroat at the outlet area, fish have been in the 2 to 4 pound range. it can be hit and miss on this water this spring, if we have not been hit with in 20 or so minutes we usually call it quits for that spot, fishing should improve until late spring winds help to turn the reservoir off color.
Fishing has been slow, we have been picking up a few nice fish on san jauns and neon nightmares, you must exercise patience while fishing there in the spring.
fishing remains consistent for both browns and rainbows in the inlet areas, the ice is broken up and with the wind disappearing fast. we have been deep nymphing with Rhyacophlia larva imitations with really good results.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


the latest video of the Boulders and the beautiful Brook trout found There.
Here is the address to it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fishlake march 11 2014

The wind was really blowing good today, there was no one on the ice at 9:30am  outside air temperature was 20 deg... Probably colder with the wind chill.
There looked to be still some safe ice but it could start breaking up any day, there was open water in the twin creeks area.
Koosharem res,
Bad ice now reservoir is icing out now, there is open water at the edges and at the inlets and out let.

Fishing has been great on the upper Fremont, buggers and hares ears have been working great.
The bicknell bottoms are is starting to fish a little better also.
Access is still limited to lakes on the boulders and access to thousands lakes is limited to the emery county side.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Fish lake Ice report March - 3- 2014

at 9:30 am the temperature was 17 deg and calm, there were two groups on the ice, perch was all that had been caught, ice was still in the 10 to 14 inch category over most of the lake,  the fishing for rainbows typically heats up at this time of year as rainbows move towards the shallow gravel shorelines in preparation to spawn, the twin creeks area had good numbers of rainbows stacked up at the inlet.
the ice is breaking up on ottercreek ... time to get ready for ice out....