Monday, August 27, 2012

Current fishing report

Boulder Mtn.

The mountain has been fishing well on the lakes that have been less traveled. there has been heavy pressure at Donkey lake and fishcreek and Beaver dam, the fishing has been slow to decent at those waters with most of the fish concentrating on the callibaetis hatches. nymph patterns fish slow and deep have been the most successful. the grayling fishing has remained good with some of the nicest grayling being in the 16 inch range. there has been some nice tigers caught as well.

Thousand Lakes Mtn.

The best fishing remains at morrell pond with lots of cutthroat and rainbows cruising the weed line and picking off any thing that looks like a bug. we did well throwing prince nymphs and pheasant tail nymphs. the fish are there on both meeks and floating island, we have done best with mohair leech patterns.

Johnsons Res,

there have been a few nice muskie seen along the weed lines recently and they have been aggressive, big sz 4 zonkers and double bunnys have been getting lots of attention.

U.M. and Seven Mile creek. the fishing on U.M has slowed. the fish have been holding very tight to cover and have been more particular as to what they will eat.

we have done well with a hopper with a red copper john dropped below. Seven Mile creek has been fishing well with hopper droper patterns. the secret here is to move away from the easy access points and put some leg work in. the fish are there.

The Fremont River.

The River is fishing really well, nymph patterns have been the most productive. there is a caddis hatch, and the fish are actively feeding on them.

the Lower Fremont has been mostly running off color with the recent rains. when it clears at all the fishing can be really good.

we have been throwing streamers and have been picking up some great browns.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


This is the last couple of weeks in picture form.
Notes:  Forsyth has been poisoned.
. Upper Fremont is currently low and Clear.
Mill Meadow is scheduled to be poisoned mid October.
Boulder Mtn. Grayling Fishing is winding down Brook trout splake and Tiger trout fishing is improving with cooler temps.
Monster Callibaetis Hatches on the east end.
it Rains every afternoon Don't forget the Rain Coat...
Helped with the fish survey on Thousand Lakes Mtn this week.
Great Fish in Floating Island, Meeks, Morrel, and Round, most fish were stuffed with cased caddis.
and one with a mouse!!!!
U.M. and SevenMile as U.M slows SevenMile gets better.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


   Forsyth Reservoir was nearly drained in anticipation of work to be done on MillMeadow reservoir down stream from Forsyth,  the fishing is nearly impossible on Forsyth as a result. on the flip side Millmeadow Reservoir has a good volume of water currently, but it has started to drop and will also be drained for repair, both Reservoirs are scheduled to be treated to remove undesired fish and should be stocked again next year, look for the fishing to be fast for smaller trout next year and to be incredible the following couple of years.
There has been some browns caught along the shore line in the evenings with double renegades and pheasant tail nymphs, we have also been doing well with an Andersons rock crawler, lots of fish have been picked up at the inlets still as well.

  The Upper Fremont is down to flows from the springs, it is clear and has been fishing fair to really good, hopper patterns fished through the afternoon have worked well as well as caddis in the evenings.  The Bicknell Bottoms has been clear as well and a few nicer fish have been caught with hoppers on the top, expect to work for these fish though.

U.M. Creek.
  this Stream continues to produce well for this week, typically it starts to slow down at this time of year, there have been some hatches of caddis and p.m.d s up there that seems to keep the fish active.
a hopper dropper pattern still has been working well up there.
Lower Bowns. has still been one of the better waters to fish this week, fishing in the early morning or evening has been best. we are still using an olive or brown bugger from a tube, or using callibaetis imitations from the shore with great results.
The Fish Creek and Beaver Dam area has been the most popular area on the mtn this year, fishing there has slowed some, a few fish are still being caught with baetis imitations.
Donkey has done well this year with the brook trout appearing to be in good condition this year.
there has been a great baetis hatch on this lake between 2 and and 4 pm is when it starts.

  The mtn has been getting a little more pressure, the Fishing remains good though with the hot spot remaining Morrell pond.