Friday, May 25, 2012

Fly Fishing Report for May 25th

   Pressure has been up this weekend with people escaping for the holiday weekend, the Rainbow Trout are still stacked up at the TwinCreeks area, and fishing with flies has been good, we have been using Czech nymphs and small Pheasant tail nymphs and picking up a few better fish, the wind has been really bad the last few days and today is no exception it has made the fishing tough.

Fremont River.
   The upper fremont has releases from Johnson Valley Reservoir now and so the stream is bank full and
slightly off color we have been using olive woolly buggers and for dries we have been using Black basin crickets,
the lower fremont below highway 12 continues to fish well, try stimulators and hoppers.

Johnson valley res.
  fishing should pick up as the weather warms, the wind has been so bad the last week that there has been no fishing pressure.

Thousand Lakes Mtn.
 The fishing remains good at deep creek with some nice brook trout being caught on leech patterns,
there has been a few damsel flies noticed at round lake and meeks, has they continue to hatch the fishing gose from good to incredible, we have done best using a sz 12 zug bug.

Boulder Mtn...
 Access is possible to almost all lakes off of the rim.
there has been heavy pressure at the blind lake fishcreek and beaver dam areas, fishing has been fair to good using crystal flash buggers and trailing a pheasant tail nymph behind.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fly Fishing Southern Utah

Fremont River: flows are still up and the fishing has been good with both streamers and with a dry dropper.  with about 2 out of 5 fish taking the dropper and the others the dry. we use something big and bushy on top to imitate the stoneflies and a hares ear flash back or czech nymph below or on there own.

U.M. Creek: Fishing has remained good, there has been more pressure up there the last couple of weeks, a dry dropper rig has been working well, we have also been swinging soft Hackles and picking up some bigger fish.

Fishlake: the fishing remains pretty good at the Twincreeks area with soft hackles and czech nymphs.

Thousand Lake Mtn: access is possible to DeepCreek and the fishing has been fantastic... Big Brookies...
Solomons basin is also accessible  and the fishing has been good.

Boulder Mtn: access is Good to nearly all lakes of the rim, all lakes on the east end are accessible, the Rim will remain closed till June to vehicles, fishing off the rim has been really good on some of the lakes and slower on others, there seems to have been minimal winter Kill on most of the lakes we have made it to currently, Ice off is a good time to target large Brook Trout and also Cutthroat.

We have Float Tubes available to rent for the mountains... stop by and pick one up...


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Access is possible to the east end lakes below the rim on Boulder mtn.  water temperature is still very cold however causing the insect hatches to be limited, this is a good time for big Brook Trout if you can make it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

highway 25 loop... areas
Middle Fremont continues to fish well, we have been using big Black Flies and Copper Johns, Czech Nymphs have also been working well.
 MillMedow Reservoir, the fishing has slowed some, there are some nice fish however that are still being taken from the inlets of U.M. creek and the Fremont. 
Forsyth : still fairly slow not alot seems to be happening yet.
Upper Fremont: flows are still up as snow melt continues to come out of the Sevenmile area,
fishing has still been good closer to the reservoir and up towards the second restroom area, are flies of choice have been the Big Black Fly and hares ear nymphs.
Johnson Valley: The Reservoir is ice free, the muskies usually don't get to active till late may early June with the warmer year we have had that may be early this year.
SevenMile Creek... There was still a drift just befor the bridge that blocked access to the upper reaches when we checked last. the stream remains high and turbid with run off...
FishLake: is still Fishing really well at the TwinCreeks area with our soft hackle and a czech nymph.
Midges are also working... this is still one of the best spots on the loop.
U.M. Creek had a little run off in it today, the clarity was still pretty good though, the Cutthroat are spawning and the fishing has slowed some, in an hour we managed to land three that were in really good condition, they were all taken on soft hackles...   

Thousand Lake Mtn....  access is good to Round and in to solomon Basin.  fishing is excellent. call for the latest report  435-616-2319

Boulder Mtn...   access was possible to Donkey!!!!!! belive it or not...  there is not much snow on the east end... access is opening up daily to different lakes... call for detailed info... 435-616-2319