Monday, December 31, 2012


The lake has a sheet of ice on it that looks like it will hold, there were fisherman on both the south and north ends, there was even a couple guys right behind the lodge, ( that spot looked a little sketchy to me though )  Did not talk to anyone today so we are not sure how well they are doing.
here are today's photos. as of Dec 31 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012


As of the 21st the FishLake continues to get a thin ice sheet one day then it blows off the next, the lake was nearly 90% open water. it looks like it may be mid January before it has safe ice.
 Forsyth and millmeadow both were treated and will not be restocked till next spring, Koosharem Res has ice and some have ventured out a little way, it appears that it will need a couple more cold nights before it is safe ice, Ottercreek Res, has good ice and there have been people out on the ice fishing.

The Fremont is at normal water flows and the fishing has been fair with midge patterns and neon nightmares fished deep and slow.  access to the upper Fremont is limited due to winter snow, use caution when attempting to navigate the road as there is no winter maintenance on highway 25.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Upper Fremont.
  The fishing has been good this week with ton's of fish holding in the pools and softer water, most fish appear to be post spawn and are aggressively feeding. highway 25 between fishlake and millmeadow reservoir has a little snow on it here and there but is still passable as of Saturday.
FISH LAKE seemed to be a little slower yesterday, there were browns stacked up in twin creeks however there were not the numbers that there have been, talked with and watched guys fishing with lures. they had had no luck. are favorite pattern to try there at this time of year is a boulder mtn soft hackle trailed behind a bugger, that or a pheasant tail nymph can work well.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Boulder Mtn and Thousand Lakes mtn.
The last Snow storm left very little snow in the valleys the mtn's got  a little more then we did, access to Thousand lakes mtn is still possible for those with an adventurous heart. the same is for boulder mtn.  Boulder mtn is closed to fishing  with the exception of  Upper and Lower Barker reservoirs, Donkey Reservoir, Posey Lake and the Garkane main impoundment. the fishing has been good on the lakes that we  have been to, we suggest brown and olive buggers trailed with a sz. 14 or 12 pheasant tail nymph, we have also been using a boulder mtn soft hackle with good results.

The Upper Fremont.
  The Browns are all post spawn now and are back in the pools and holding in softer water, they are hungry, we have been fishing polish pheasant tail nymphs, orange head birds nests and egg patterns,
pheasant tail nymphs and hares ears are picking up fish as well.

Lower Fremont.
  The lower Fremont is high and off color currently, the bicknell Bottoms has been fishing well with brown and olive buggers, there are still a good number of duck hunters, this makes for a nervous experience for those fishermen willing to brave it.

 has been fishing well at the Twin creek area with the Splake and browns stacked up and actively feeding. we suggest using soft hackles and disco midges, pheasant tail nymphs have also been picking up fish.

U.M And Seven Mile Creeks.
  Access has become limited due to recent snows.


Thursday, October 11, 2012


Boulder Mountain.
 The fishing has been good using ice cream cone midges fished right off the cover on Fishcreek Baetis nymphs and Pheasant tail nymphs have been picking up fish as well, Lower bowns continues to fish well pulling Brown Buggers or Mohair Leeches, the top has slowed some with the best fishing having been at surveyors and the horseshoe area.

Thousand Lakes.
   The October Caddis are on the move and the fish have been targeting them aggressively, brown buggers and mohair leeches have been working well in the Solomon basin area, the brook trout are becoming more and more aggressive on deepcreek.

Fremont River.
 Upper.   has been fishing well the fish have been very aggressive, egg patterns and Caddis patterns have worked well, and pulling streamers or buggers has been really good too.

Bottoms. has slowed a little, and with the increased presence of water fowl hunters this has not been the water of choice to target.

Below 12.  this section is fairly clear for this time of year and the fish have aggressivly been chasing streamers.

U.M. and Seven Mile.
  U.M has slowed down as well with most of the Cutthroat holding very tight to cover. if you can get a fly in to those deep heavily wooded holes you can do well. the fish are targeting the bigger caddis Nymphs found there at this time of year.
 Seven Mile.  the Brookies are spawning here and are very aggressive, best flies have been sz 10 pink or copper buggers striped quickly.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Ok not to confuse you but after running the water High for 3 days they have again droped the flows on the upper fremont the fishing was great today.  bead headed hares ear worked great.


Just as things started to get underway with the Brown trout Run on The upper Fremont, they once again opened the gates at Johnson Valley Reservoir making the water high and almost unfishable.
the gates are also open on Forsyth Reservoir again.
the Plus is that the fishing on millmedow near the inlets has improved and should be good for a couple weeks..
the mountain lakes have also improved with the cooler temperatures and the fishing has been good.
NOTE: the lower Fremont below Highway 12 has been running clear and there are some very nice browns down through there. Streamers are the key unless you stumble in to a pmd hatch they go off at 1pm typically.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fremont River Utah,( best Fall Fly Pattern )

This has been one of the top locally tied patterns for the Fremont river this fall. the browns should be running soon. and the Tiger trout  Brook Trout and Splake, are becoming more and more aggressive. this and some other great patterns for fall fishing are available at the Shop.

Friday, September 21, 2012


A couple pictures from three days of dryfly fishing.
the rivers and streams are still clear, the browns have not started to move to the gravel yet though, maybe soon.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Southern Utah Fishing Report

The weather has finally started to turn off cold here in the Boulder Mtn area, and with those cold nights the fishing turns on for Brooks, Browns, Tigers, and Splake. The Autumn leaves are starting to really turn now and the next couple of weeks should be the most spectacular

Fremont River.
    The Rains have finally waned and the upper fremont is low and clear, there has been increased
numbers of people up there fishing this year and a few 6 to 10 inch browns are being caught on Hares ears and Birds nests, the october caddis are starting to hatch and the fish have been targeting them,
any good imitation of the emerging nymphs has been working best.
the river below highway 12 continues to run high and off color as the farmers cut back on water use and due to the increased flows from millmeadow reservoir as the strive to drain it for needed repairs.

U.M. and SevenMile creeks.
       U.M. has been fishing fair in the upper regions using a royal wulff  on the surface but most fish are being taken nymphs. Sevenmile has been fishing well for Brook trout, with the colder temperatures the fish have become more aggressive and will eagerly attack bigger nymphs and buggers.

Thousand Lake Mtn.
 The fishing remains good in the Solomon basin area with some nice fish being caught, mohair leeches and buggers fished deep have been working best, Morell pond is still the most consistent
with lots of rainbows and cut's being taken on prince nymphs and zug bugs.
as the weather gets a little colder the Brook trout will become even more aggressive on deep creek
and bruce's pond, caddis nymphs and prince nymphs often produce the best results.

Boulder Mtn.
    The dry fly Fishing has slowed on the Grayling lakes as the fish move to deeper water they can still be caught fishing a nymph deep and slow, Baetis Nymphs and lake caddis nymphs are the best choices. fewer people fish the mtn at this time making it a good time to come and brave the cold,
the fish typically move in to the spring and inlet areas in preparation for a mock spawn, trying different nymphs deep and brown leech and bugger patterns works best.
The hot spot remains Lower Bowns with lots of rainbows being caught.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Current fishing report

Boulder Mtn.

The mountain has been fishing well on the lakes that have been less traveled. there has been heavy pressure at Donkey lake and fishcreek and Beaver dam, the fishing has been slow to decent at those waters with most of the fish concentrating on the callibaetis hatches. nymph patterns fish slow and deep have been the most successful. the grayling fishing has remained good with some of the nicest grayling being in the 16 inch range. there has been some nice tigers caught as well.

Thousand Lakes Mtn.

The best fishing remains at morrell pond with lots of cutthroat and rainbows cruising the weed line and picking off any thing that looks like a bug. we did well throwing prince nymphs and pheasant tail nymphs. the fish are there on both meeks and floating island, we have done best with mohair leech patterns.

Johnsons Res,

there have been a few nice muskie seen along the weed lines recently and they have been aggressive, big sz 4 zonkers and double bunnys have been getting lots of attention.

U.M. and Seven Mile creek. the fishing on U.M has slowed. the fish have been holding very tight to cover and have been more particular as to what they will eat.

we have done well with a hopper with a red copper john dropped below. Seven Mile creek has been fishing well with hopper droper patterns. the secret here is to move away from the easy access points and put some leg work in. the fish are there.

The Fremont River.

The River is fishing really well, nymph patterns have been the most productive. there is a caddis hatch, and the fish are actively feeding on them.

the Lower Fremont has been mostly running off color with the recent rains. when it clears at all the fishing can be really good.

we have been throwing streamers and have been picking up some great browns.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


This is the last couple of weeks in picture form.
Notes:  Forsyth has been poisoned.
. Upper Fremont is currently low and Clear.
Mill Meadow is scheduled to be poisoned mid October.
Boulder Mtn. Grayling Fishing is winding down Brook trout splake and Tiger trout fishing is improving with cooler temps.
Monster Callibaetis Hatches on the east end.
it Rains every afternoon Don't forget the Rain Coat...
Helped with the fish survey on Thousand Lakes Mtn this week.
Great Fish in Floating Island, Meeks, Morrel, and Round, most fish were stuffed with cased caddis.
and one with a mouse!!!!
U.M. and SevenMile as U.M slows SevenMile gets better.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


   Forsyth Reservoir was nearly drained in anticipation of work to be done on MillMeadow reservoir down stream from Forsyth,  the fishing is nearly impossible on Forsyth as a result. on the flip side Millmeadow Reservoir has a good volume of water currently, but it has started to drop and will also be drained for repair, both Reservoirs are scheduled to be treated to remove undesired fish and should be stocked again next year, look for the fishing to be fast for smaller trout next year and to be incredible the following couple of years.
There has been some browns caught along the shore line in the evenings with double renegades and pheasant tail nymphs, we have also been doing well with an Andersons rock crawler, lots of fish have been picked up at the inlets still as well.

  The Upper Fremont is down to flows from the springs, it is clear and has been fishing fair to really good, hopper patterns fished through the afternoon have worked well as well as caddis in the evenings.  The Bicknell Bottoms has been clear as well and a few nicer fish have been caught with hoppers on the top, expect to work for these fish though.

U.M. Creek.
  this Stream continues to produce well for this week, typically it starts to slow down at this time of year, there have been some hatches of caddis and p.m.d s up there that seems to keep the fish active.
a hopper dropper pattern still has been working well up there.
Lower Bowns. has still been one of the better waters to fish this week, fishing in the early morning or evening has been best. we are still using an olive or brown bugger from a tube, or using callibaetis imitations from the shore with great results.
The Fish Creek and Beaver Dam area has been the most popular area on the mtn this year, fishing there has slowed some, a few fish are still being caught with baetis imitations.
Donkey has done well this year with the brook trout appearing to be in good condition this year.
there has been a great baetis hatch on this lake between 2 and and 4 pm is when it starts.

  The mtn has been getting a little more pressure, the Fishing remains good though with the hot spot remaining Morrell pond.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The reservoir has been completely drained to be sure that it will not ad to flows going into Millmeadow reservoir while they complete work on the Dam. the fishing is basically impossible.

The reservoir is currently near full, the fishing remains good at the inlets for Browns and Rainbows, we have been picking them up on the surface in the evening with renegades and sz 10 olive buggers, zug bugs and Dumas Prince have also been working well.

FREMONT RIVER, the Upper has been running slightly off color, a few fish have been taken using olive buggers in a sz 6 or 8, the lower below highway 12 has been running muddy since the rains have started making it difficult to locate and catch fish.
U.M continues to fish well with a hopper dropper set up we like a leopard hopper, or a big foam army ant on the surface and a pheasant tail nymph with a bead head below or a bead head prince.
Sevenmile as been really good and as the summer progresses will continue to improve, we have been using the same set up as U.M creek, although using a sz 12 royal wulff seems to be a better choice on top fished with out a dropper, caddis are hatching daily up there on both streams and the fish have been keying in on them in the evenings, try a sz. 14 elk hair caddis.

The mtn has been fishing really well this year with the best success at grassy, round, and Morrel,
a sz. 10 olive bugger or a zug bug has worked the best.

The secret is well out on the big nice fish available in the Fishcreek and Beaver Dam Areas,
a tube is nearly a must now if you hope to be successful on this water, a number of different flies have been successful, Blind Lake has also been fishing well if you make the Hike over to it, again a tube is very helpful in having success there, the Row Lakes area has been fishing well for both Rainbows, Brooke, and a Handful of Grayling, there are some lake Caddis that are emerging there and the fish are quick to target them, best matches have been a hares ear as a nymph or a olive stimulator on top.

Here is this weeks Guide trip Pictures, come join us for a guided trip anytime.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Ok so really we have fished not only the Boulder Mtn, but several places, The point is almost every where has been fishing incredible.

   The Upper Fremont.
 The fishing has remained fair with a few smaller browns being taken on olive woolly buggers, and a few on hopper dropper set ups. the water clarity is still high and slightly off color, (normal For the Season)    

The Lower Fremont.
the area below highway 12 has been running off color due to the start of the summer rains, a few fish are still taking streamers and big dries.  The bicknell Bottoms has been the better spot to hit the last week or so, we have taken them on dry flies and by nymphs, there has been an evening hatch of P.M.D.'s that have kept the fish actively feeding.

Boulder Mountain.
The Fishing has been fast to good at most of the lakes. the Boulder Top has been good for both Grayling and Brook trout there appears to have been minimal winter kill on most of the lakes, as a result there have been some bigger fish caught. the North slope road area has been hammered by groups of fisherman, almost all that stop by the shop are headed to fishcreek and beaver dam, some days it has been difficult to find some where to park up there, however, the fishing remains fair to good for big tigers and splake, there are some good reports about Blind lake as well. the row lakes area has all so been fishing good. the Damsel's are on several lakes and the fish have been keying in on the damsel nymphs, leech patterns have also been pretty successful. remember there are fire restrictions in place and that no open fire are allowed in the area.

Thousand Lakes Mtn.
  The fishing has slowed in some areas and been good in others.
when the wind has been calm the fishing has been pretty good using adult damsel fly imitations and when there is wind a Damsel  Nymph Has been fishing well. most of the lakes have been stocked for the year and on some waters the fish have been keying in on brown or silver buggers,  it appears many of the bigger cutthroat and Rainbows are targeting young fish in the shallows.

U.M. and Seven Mile.
Both Streams have been incredible this year, they do have there off days and there are days that U.M gets quiet a bit of pressure, but the fishing has remained good, a big bushy dry fly on top with a small nymph below has been doing well. NOTE: we have found the gut remains of several bigger Cut Throat on U.M. creek! all the upper U.M is closed to the possession of Cutthroat trout, meaning all Cut-Throat are to be immediately released the stretch is an artificial only area.

 Fish and Game Plane seconds befor it dropped Rainbow trout all over the top of us.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It has been an interesting couple of week for the fishing here, the wind has put a lot of the fish down on some the high mountain lakes and then there have been some streams that have been fishing as close to incredible as one can get.

Boulder Mtn.
     Boulder Mountain has been fishing really well in the fishcreek Beaver Dam area, however with access limited on the north and east end there has been a ton of people up there, this is the time of year for scout troops to hike the mountain and they all seem to be based out of the Fishcreek area,
 in spite of the crowds some nice fish are still being caught there, we fish a prince nymph with a lightning bug trailer or ice cream cone midge and fish the cover and have been doing well.
the boulder Top has been plagued with wind, when it lays down the fishing has been really good,
when the wind is up the Gray ling  seem to prefer the shallows, the Brook trout don't seem to be as active on the windy days, when it calms down they are actively feeding, we have caught them on bead headed nymphs like prince and pheasant tails, a mohair leech is still working well in the row lakes area.

Thousand Lakes Mtn.
    Thousand Lake Mountain has been fishing great in the Solomon basin area when the wind has been calm, the fish have been slamming small olive woolly buggers and other damsel fly imitations,
when they have also been actively taking the adult damsel flies.

U.M. Creek / Seven Mile Creek.
   Both have been a dry fly purists heaven the last week!!!!, Green Drakes? Yep! Callibaetis? Yes! Caddis? uh huh! as well as a few yellow sallies and skwala stone flies as well, we fish a bushy dry on top and drop a small bead head below, the action can be fast on both waters.

Mill Meadow Res/
   flows from Forsyth are bringing the water level back up! the fishing has been fast for both perch and Browns at the inlets, you can also walk the open shore lines early and throw a small nymph or dry at rising trout and do really well.

Forsyth Res
Fishing has been good at the north end and using damsel fly nymph imitations, there is a great hatch of Damsels on that end. try fishing a bead head zug bug, evenings seem to be best.

Fremont River. the river below highway 12 now has a little color in it making it more difficult to fish,
a few fish are feeding but only in the late evening when the caddis flies are moving, move down river slow and watch for feeding fish, if you spot them you can usually hook in to them.