Monday, July 9, 2012


Ok so really we have fished not only the Boulder Mtn, but several places, The point is almost every where has been fishing incredible.

   The Upper Fremont.
 The fishing has remained fair with a few smaller browns being taken on olive woolly buggers, and a few on hopper dropper set ups. the water clarity is still high and slightly off color, (normal For the Season)    

The Lower Fremont.
the area below highway 12 has been running off color due to the start of the summer rains, a few fish are still taking streamers and big dries.  The bicknell Bottoms has been the better spot to hit the last week or so, we have taken them on dry flies and by nymphs, there has been an evening hatch of P.M.D.'s that have kept the fish actively feeding.

Boulder Mountain.
The Fishing has been fast to good at most of the lakes. the Boulder Top has been good for both Grayling and Brook trout there appears to have been minimal winter kill on most of the lakes, as a result there have been some bigger fish caught. the North slope road area has been hammered by groups of fisherman, almost all that stop by the shop are headed to fishcreek and beaver dam, some days it has been difficult to find some where to park up there, however, the fishing remains fair to good for big tigers and splake, there are some good reports about Blind lake as well. the row lakes area has all so been fishing good. the Damsel's are on several lakes and the fish have been keying in on the damsel nymphs, leech patterns have also been pretty successful. remember there are fire restrictions in place and that no open fire are allowed in the area.

Thousand Lakes Mtn.
  The fishing has slowed in some areas and been good in others.
when the wind has been calm the fishing has been pretty good using adult damsel fly imitations and when there is wind a Damsel  Nymph Has been fishing well. most of the lakes have been stocked for the year and on some waters the fish have been keying in on brown or silver buggers,  it appears many of the bigger cutthroat and Rainbows are targeting young fish in the shallows.

U.M. and Seven Mile.
Both Streams have been incredible this year, they do have there off days and there are days that U.M gets quiet a bit of pressure, but the fishing has remained good, a big bushy dry fly on top with a small nymph below has been doing well. NOTE: we have found the gut remains of several bigger Cut Throat on U.M. creek! all the upper U.M is closed to the possession of Cutthroat trout, meaning all Cut-Throat are to be immediately released the stretch is an artificial only area.

 Fish and Game Plane seconds befor it dropped Rainbow trout all over the top of us.

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