Saturday, July 21, 2012

The reservoir has been completely drained to be sure that it will not ad to flows going into Millmeadow reservoir while they complete work on the Dam. the fishing is basically impossible.

The reservoir is currently near full, the fishing remains good at the inlets for Browns and Rainbows, we have been picking them up on the surface in the evening with renegades and sz 10 olive buggers, zug bugs and Dumas Prince have also been working well.

FREMONT RIVER, the Upper has been running slightly off color, a few fish have been taken using olive buggers in a sz 6 or 8, the lower below highway 12 has been running muddy since the rains have started making it difficult to locate and catch fish.
U.M continues to fish well with a hopper dropper set up we like a leopard hopper, or a big foam army ant on the surface and a pheasant tail nymph with a bead head below or a bead head prince.
Sevenmile as been really good and as the summer progresses will continue to improve, we have been using the same set up as U.M creek, although using a sz 12 royal wulff seems to be a better choice on top fished with out a dropper, caddis are hatching daily up there on both streams and the fish have been keying in on them in the evenings, try a sz. 14 elk hair caddis.

The mtn has been fishing really well this year with the best success at grassy, round, and Morrel,
a sz. 10 olive bugger or a zug bug has worked the best.

The secret is well out on the big nice fish available in the Fishcreek and Beaver Dam Areas,
a tube is nearly a must now if you hope to be successful on this water, a number of different flies have been successful, Blind Lake has also been fishing well if you make the Hike over to it, again a tube is very helpful in having success there, the Row Lakes area has been fishing well for both Rainbows, Brooke, and a Handful of Grayling, there are some lake Caddis that are emerging there and the fish are quick to target them, best matches have been a hares ear as a nymph or a olive stimulator on top.

Here is this weeks Guide trip Pictures, come join us for a guided trip anytime.

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