Friday, March 27, 2015

Fly fishing Southern Utah

We checked on access to lower Bowns again today, it was possible to get to the lake again, fishing was fast. Stop by the quiet fly fisher fly shop before your next trip for the latest info.
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Fly Fishing Report for Southern Utah.
For CURRENT REPORTS Please visit our new web Site at
The Reservoir is almost full, there have been a few rainbows moving up the Fremont and U.M inlets looking for gravel to spawn.
we have fished buggers and pheasant tail nymphs with good results.
The reservoir is completely clear of ice, i only saw one fish rise in the 20 minutes i watched it, there were a few sz 16 midges hatching and flying around the lake.  last year the fish where very area specific, once you find that area typically it fishes well all summer.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Fly Fishing Southern Utah.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The recent Snow storms that brought close to a combined total of 18 to 20 inches to Loa has mostly melted off, and the forecast for the weekend calls for temperatures in the 60s, fishing has been good on the upper Fremont river, i admit i have spent most of my time up there fishing and wandering the river looking for a way to cure my Spring Fever. if interested in a guided trip, or for recent updates on the waters here, call Mike at the Quiet Fly Fisher Guide Service and Fly Shop, Loa Utah 435-616-2319 you can text me at the same number.

 If this Robin is still a sign that spring is here.... I'll Take it.
 There is a small number Of Rainbows that have been running up the Fremont in hopes to Spawn,
we have caught a few nice Fish at the inlet foe Millmeadow reservoir.

 There was 2 of these dippers sitting under the bridge today singing there hearts out,
i guess they like the acoustics it provides, i scared them out as i passed, and when i passed back that way they were there again.
 Ice is really receding fast at the inlets of both the Fremont and U.M. creeks, with the warmer weather the ice should start to break up again over the rest of the Lake, ice out here can be good if your timing is right.
 U.M Inlet Lake side.
 U.M inlet stream side.
 Browns from the Upper Fremont, we have been doing well with olive midge larva and small size 10 buggers.
 This weasel was following me along the river the other day.