Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring On The Boulders and Other area waters.

 The Hatches have started on the Upper Fremont and on U.M. creek, The Cutthroat are actively spawning on most of the mtn Lakes and on the Streams, so be careful and don't step on the spawning beds.

                                     we hope you enjoy the photo's from are most recent trips.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Boulder mtn survey

help improve the local fisheries by making your voice heard. please complete the survey for Boulder Mtn and Fishlake. Thanks Guys.  http://wildlife.utah.gov/dwr/fisheries-surveys.html

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Access is possible to most all the trail heads and lakes below the rim. no snow left on the Fish creek Beaver Dam Road. fishing has been fair.
 UM creek has received some snow melt the last 4 or 5 days, watch for spawning cutthroat to be present in the runs . watch out for the reds.
Upper Fremont is running Bank full and is now at typical summer flows.
lower Fremont is low and clear with good BWO hatches.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mid May Report,fishing southern utah

Fly Fishing Report.

  The Ice is gone, boats have been out on the Lake, fishing has been slow to fair, for Rainbows and Splake along the weed lines. we have done best fishing from shore out from twin creeks slowly striping soft hackles and caddis nymphs.

Seven Mile:
 Road is still closed, water level was high with run off.

U.M Creek:
 access is good, fishing has been good using nymphs fished close to the undercut banks.

 Was treated last Fall, fish will not be stocked till later this summer.

 Was treated last Fall also. there are a fair population of browns that have moved back in. there has also been some Rainbow trout stocked, fishing should improve with the warmer weather, typically there is a very good Olive Midge hatch at this time of year, it appears to be starting now and should increase as the weather and water temps warm.

Fremont River:
  Fishing has slowed on the upper Fremont, the Hatches are just starting to get under way. there has been a decent blue wing olive hatch on the overcast days. the Fremont Below Highway 12 is running Clear, the Stone flies have started to come off, and the Blue wing olives are coming off now and the fish have been actively feeding on both, fishing has been really good.

Boulder Mtn:  Fishing is still limited due to Snow, access is improving all the time. access is good past bobs hole on the Donkey Road, and access is good to the trail heads on the North Slope road to Fishcreek and Beaver Dam, there are still a few drifts up there so use caution.

Thousandlakes Mtn:
Fishing remains fair in the solomon basin area, the fish are smaller but healthy, fishing is also good for holdover Rainbows on Round Lake. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fly Fishing Southern utah

Fly Fishing this week has slowed some with the cooler weather and Rain, with that rain the Ice has started to come off the lakes quickly.  access is still limited to most of the boulder mtn lakes and a inch of snow was added with the passing storms down to about 8000 feet.  temperatures are supposed to be back up this weekend. the Caddis hatch should be starting soon here in southern Utah giving way to some excellent dry fly fishing.  ICE IS OFF AT FISHLAKE 

Friday, May 3, 2013

U.M. Creek southern Utah

Access is possible as far as Black flat on the U.M. sheep valley road,
Look for the cutthroat to be in the runs at this time of year, as well as the under cut banks.
a larger Nymph like a Hares Ear sz 12 offten works best.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Just checked Fishlake.

Ice is broken up and coming off fast, still lots of rainbows stacked up at twin creek also people have been doing well at night for splake. sevenmile creek is high with run off, and the road is closed at the gate. access is possible to U.M. creek at water flat, water is low and fish-able. access is possible all the way through on highway 25 between 24 and 72.

Mike James


Lower Bowns. the water level is rising slowly, access is good now, fishing has been really good for rainbows they are stacked up along the gravel shore lines and the inlet. we have fished a brown or black bugger with a sz 10 soft hackle behind it, fish it slowly and down deep for the best success.

Boulder Mtn. Access is limited to about mid Mtn now, you can get as far as Bobshole on the Donkey road and to the trail head of Fishcreek and Beaver dam before drifted snow limits access. water temperatures are still very cold on the upper lakes and there has been almost no insect activity, the fish are still pretty lethargic. the lower lakes are a little better, there have been some early caddis and mayflies coming off on some of them.

ThousandLakes Mtn.

Access is possible from the forsyth side to solomon basin, fishing has been good at all the lakes there, there have been some big fish caught on floating island though it is spotty and you need to move around to find the fish.

access was limited to 4 wheel drive or atv to Round lake due to some drifts of snow, they were melting fast though.

Lower Fremont below highway 12 is low and clear in the afternoons, the water temperature has been to cold for any significant hatches and the fishing has been slow. should improve in a couple weeks. Bicknell bottoms has been fishing slow to fair, the fish are pretty spread out, we have nymphed prince's and san jaun worms for the best results.

upper fremont has flows from the spill over at Johnson's, fishing has been good using large black flies on the surface with a hares ear dropper.

Johnson's has some receding Ice, fishing is limited for muskie, we typically wait till late may to early June.