Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Lower Bowns. the water level is rising slowly, access is good now, fishing has been really good for rainbows they are stacked up along the gravel shore lines and the inlet. we have fished a brown or black bugger with a sz 10 soft hackle behind it, fish it slowly and down deep for the best success.

Boulder Mtn. Access is limited to about mid Mtn now, you can get as far as Bobshole on the Donkey road and to the trail head of Fishcreek and Beaver dam before drifted snow limits access. water temperatures are still very cold on the upper lakes and there has been almost no insect activity, the fish are still pretty lethargic. the lower lakes are a little better, there have been some early caddis and mayflies coming off on some of them.

ThousandLakes Mtn.

Access is possible from the forsyth side to solomon basin, fishing has been good at all the lakes there, there have been some big fish caught on floating island though it is spotty and you need to move around to find the fish.

access was limited to 4 wheel drive or atv to Round lake due to some drifts of snow, they were melting fast though.

Lower Fremont below highway 12 is low and clear in the afternoons, the water temperature has been to cold for any significant hatches and the fishing has been slow. should improve in a couple weeks. Bicknell bottoms has been fishing slow to fair, the fish are pretty spread out, we have nymphed prince's and san jaun worms for the best results.

upper fremont has flows from the spill over at Johnson's, fishing has been good using large black flies on the surface with a hares ear dropper.

Johnson's has some receding Ice, fishing is limited for muskie, we typically wait till late may to early June.

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