Monday, December 31, 2012


The lake has a sheet of ice on it that looks like it will hold, there were fisherman on both the south and north ends, there was even a couple guys right behind the lodge, ( that spot looked a little sketchy to me though )  Did not talk to anyone today so we are not sure how well they are doing.
here are today's photos. as of Dec 31 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012


As of the 21st the FishLake continues to get a thin ice sheet one day then it blows off the next, the lake was nearly 90% open water. it looks like it may be mid January before it has safe ice.
 Forsyth and millmeadow both were treated and will not be restocked till next spring, Koosharem Res has ice and some have ventured out a little way, it appears that it will need a couple more cold nights before it is safe ice, Ottercreek Res, has good ice and there have been people out on the ice fishing.

The Fremont is at normal water flows and the fishing has been fair with midge patterns and neon nightmares fished deep and slow.  access to the upper Fremont is limited due to winter snow, use caution when attempting to navigate the road as there is no winter maintenance on highway 25.