Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fremont River Utah Fishing Report

The Upper Fremont.
   with the weather warming a little the Fremont has dislodged most the anchor ice and is flowing
well. we expect increased flows any day as Johnson valley reservoir should be full and spill, this will increase the flow, we have done well with Hares ear sz 14 and 12 underneath, and midge patterns on the surface on warmer days.

The Lower Fremont.
 The Duck Hunt is over making the Bicknell Bottoms a good place to try for winter fly fishing,
warmer water temperatures here keep the river open, we have used midge pattens and done well.
a San Juan worm fished deep is always a good choice at this time of year as well.

Fish lake.
   There is close to 18 inches of Ice on both the north and south ends, fishing has been reported to be good with
green jigs tipped with perch meat for rainbows and splake the last couple of days.

Millmeadow reservoir was treated to reduce the dense sucker population this winter.
 the reservoir was drained for repairs on the release gates and is currently filling now.
trout will be restocked this spring.

Forsyth Reservoir.

was also treated last fall to remove illegally introduced perch,  trout will be restocked this spring.
the reservoir is about 4 feet from from being full and should be by mid to late February. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adults and youth are invited to learn the basics of ice fishing on Saturday, February 2, 2013, at Fish lake, Utah. Division of Wildlife Biologists will talk about ice fishing, tackle, bait, where and when to fish, ice safety, drilling holes in the ice and how to catch lake trout!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fishing Report SOUTHERN UTAH

  The lake has about 8 inches of ice on the north and south sides, with some spots that are still very thin near the middle, there is still some open water at twin creeks. spoke to one guy that was fishing and his group had caught some Mack's in the 26 to 31 inch range. 

Fremont River. 
                         The upper has anchor ice up to about the second restroom area.
we fished with hares ears and Zug Bugs and did well.
The lower fremont, they have finally finished repairs on the dam at mill meadow and shut the reservoir off. this has made for clearer water conditions on the lower, we have done well with midge patterns and streamers fish low and slow.