Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It has been an interesting couple of week for the fishing here, the wind has put a lot of the fish down on some the high mountain lakes and then there have been some streams that have been fishing as close to incredible as one can get.

Boulder Mtn.
     Boulder Mountain has been fishing really well in the fishcreek Beaver Dam area, however with access limited on the north and east end there has been a ton of people up there, this is the time of year for scout troops to hike the mountain and they all seem to be based out of the Fishcreek area,
 in spite of the crowds some nice fish are still being caught there, we fish a prince nymph with a lightning bug trailer or ice cream cone midge and fish the cover and have been doing well.
the boulder Top has been plagued with wind, when it lays down the fishing has been really good,
when the wind is up the Gray ling  seem to prefer the shallows, the Brook trout don't seem to be as active on the windy days, when it calms down they are actively feeding, we have caught them on bead headed nymphs like prince and pheasant tails, a mohair leech is still working well in the row lakes area.

Thousand Lakes Mtn.
    Thousand Lake Mountain has been fishing great in the Solomon basin area when the wind has been calm, the fish have been slamming small olive woolly buggers and other damsel fly imitations,
when they have also been actively taking the adult damsel flies.

U.M. Creek / Seven Mile Creek.
   Both have been a dry fly purists heaven the last week!!!!, Green Drakes? Yep! Callibaetis? Yes! Caddis? uh huh! as well as a few yellow sallies and skwala stone flies as well, we fish a bushy dry on top and drop a small bead head below, the action can be fast on both waters.

Mill Meadow Res/
   flows from Forsyth are bringing the water level back up! the fishing has been fast for both perch and Browns at the inlets, you can also walk the open shore lines early and throw a small nymph or dry at rising trout and do really well.

Forsyth Res
Fishing has been good at the north end and using damsel fly nymph imitations, there is a great hatch of Damsels on that end. try fishing a bead head zug bug, evenings seem to be best.

Fremont River. the river below highway 12 now has a little color in it making it more difficult to fish,
a few fish are feeding but only in the late evening when the caddis flies are moving, move down river slow and watch for feeding fish, if you spot them you can usually hook in to them.

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