Monday, June 4, 2012

Fly Fishing Report for June 4th

Southern Utah Fly Fishing report and pictures...

Fremont River.
    The Upper Fremont is bank full still with flows from Johnson Valley Res,
fishing is best from mammoit springs down to millmeadow res. best flies have been olive woolly buggers,  a hopper dropper set up can work as well fished through the edges and eddies.

Lower Fremont below highway 12 continues to run clear and the Salmon flies and caddis are in full swing.

Millmeadow res'
     The reservoir is dropping as water is released for irrigation use.  olive grizzled woolly buggers in size 10 have been working well. we have also been using prince nymphs and picking up fish.

Forsyth Res'
      is Finally fishing well, we have been fishing olive buggers trailed with a pheasant tail nymph and doing well.
we have also been fishing near the springs and catching them on dries in the evening, there continues to be a good olive midge hatch and the fish key in on them in the evening.

U.M Creek.
       fishing has been much better the last couple of days as the cutthroat  spawn winds down on this water.
we have been fishing tan hoppers with a dropper along the banks and doing really well.

Seven Mile.
    this has been another stream that has been fishing well. again we have been using a hopper dropper
pattern and picking up plenty of fish.

Thousand Lakes Mtn.
    Fishing Continues to remain good at Round Lake, with leech patterns and soft hackles.
Solomons basin continues to fish well also with the same patterns...
meeks has slowed down some, there are still some great brook trout being caught.

Boulder Mtn...
   fishing has been good to fantastic at most lakes. Lower Bowns has been incredible trolling woolly buggers and nymphs, fishcreek and Beaver Dam have been fishing really well also with nymph patterns, more and more water is opening up and fishing well. a fire has started on the north slope that if it spreads could close access to Blind lake and all neighboring lakes...

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