Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fly Fishing Report for June 13 2012

Fish Lake.

  Fishing has remained good at the Twin Creeks Area, a sz. 14 soft hackle has been working well
trailed behind a sz. 10 olive bugger.

Forsyth Res.
    Fishing has been good this year, with Tiger trout being the most predominant catch, the Damselfly's
are starting to hatch and the fish are keying in on the nymphs,  imitate the nymphs underneath when there is wind on the lake or there seems to be very few fish rising, when the fish are rising target them with adult patterns the takes can be exciting...

  Fishing remains good in the evening when the lake midges are out, nearly any smaller nymph or dry will pick up cruising fish.

 Thousand Lakes Mtn.
  The fishing remains incredible in the Solomons Basin area and at round and Deepcreek,  the damselfly's are hatching in the basin and at Round, the nymphs were also seen in Deep Creek.
fishing for the cutthroat and Rainbows from a tube in the mossy areas of the lake seems to get you in to the biggest fish, For Deepcreek a leech pattern fished deep was the only thing we tried that seemed to work.

Boulder Mtn.
  The Fire is pretty much contained on the east end, access is available to the Fishcreek and Blindlake
area,  the road to Donkey and round remains closed, fire crews are mopping up the Hot spots on the mtn now, it appears that both Coleman res, and the Bullberries were burned over. Lost lake seems to have been spared.  we Fished the south end of the Mtn last week and did really well in the Row Lakes area, a Mohair Leech pattern fished deep worked well, we caught Brookies at 14 inches.
there was a Bear and her 2nd year cub sighted in the Fishcreek area so be sure to keep a tidy camp,
the fishing has been best at fishcreek with ice cream cone midges and prince nymphs.

Fremont River.
   The upper has been pretty slow, releases from Johnson valley Res have kept the water off color.
there are some reports of people doing well with a san jaun worm, we suggest an olive bugger.
The Lower Fremont below hiway 12 continues to run clear, there is a good Caddis and stone fly hatch going on through out most of the Lower Fremont and the fish are activly feeding.

U.M and Seven mile.
Both Streams have been fishing well, the cutthroat on U.M have moved off of there reds and are back tight to the bank, fishing with a Hopper Dropper pattern has been best at both streams.

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