Monday, November 12, 2012


Boulder Mtn and Thousand Lakes mtn.
The last Snow storm left very little snow in the valleys the mtn's got  a little more then we did, access to Thousand lakes mtn is still possible for those with an adventurous heart. the same is for boulder mtn.  Boulder mtn is closed to fishing  with the exception of  Upper and Lower Barker reservoirs, Donkey Reservoir, Posey Lake and the Garkane main impoundment. the fishing has been good on the lakes that we  have been to, we suggest brown and olive buggers trailed with a sz. 14 or 12 pheasant tail nymph, we have also been using a boulder mtn soft hackle with good results.

The Upper Fremont.
  The Browns are all post spawn now and are back in the pools and holding in softer water, they are hungry, we have been fishing polish pheasant tail nymphs, orange head birds nests and egg patterns,
pheasant tail nymphs and hares ears are picking up fish as well.

Lower Fremont.
  The lower Fremont is high and off color currently, the bicknell Bottoms has been fishing well with brown and olive buggers, there are still a good number of duck hunters, this makes for a nervous experience for those fishermen willing to brave it.

 has been fishing well at the Twin creek area with the Splake and browns stacked up and actively feeding. we suggest using soft hackles and disco midges, pheasant tail nymphs have also been picking up fish.

U.M And Seven Mile Creeks.
  Access has become limited due to recent snows.


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