Thursday, October 11, 2012


Boulder Mountain.
 The fishing has been good using ice cream cone midges fished right off the cover on Fishcreek Baetis nymphs and Pheasant tail nymphs have been picking up fish as well, Lower bowns continues to fish well pulling Brown Buggers or Mohair Leeches, the top has slowed some with the best fishing having been at surveyors and the horseshoe area.

Thousand Lakes.
   The October Caddis are on the move and the fish have been targeting them aggressively, brown buggers and mohair leeches have been working well in the Solomon basin area, the brook trout are becoming more and more aggressive on deepcreek.

Fremont River.
 Upper.   has been fishing well the fish have been very aggressive, egg patterns and Caddis patterns have worked well, and pulling streamers or buggers has been really good too.

Bottoms. has slowed a little, and with the increased presence of water fowl hunters this has not been the water of choice to target.

Below 12.  this section is fairly clear for this time of year and the fish have aggressivly been chasing streamers.

U.M. and Seven Mile.
  U.M has slowed down as well with most of the Cutthroat holding very tight to cover. if you can get a fly in to those deep heavily wooded holes you can do well. the fish are targeting the bigger caddis Nymphs found there at this time of year.
 Seven Mile.  the Brookies are spawning here and are very aggressive, best flies have been sz 10 pink or copper buggers striped quickly.

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