Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fly Fishing Southern Utah

Fremont River: flows are still up and the fishing has been good with both streamers and with a dry dropper.  with about 2 out of 5 fish taking the dropper and the others the dry. we use something big and bushy on top to imitate the stoneflies and a hares ear flash back or czech nymph below or on there own.

U.M. Creek: Fishing has remained good, there has been more pressure up there the last couple of weeks, a dry dropper rig has been working well, we have also been swinging soft Hackles and picking up some bigger fish.

Fishlake: the fishing remains pretty good at the Twincreeks area with soft hackles and czech nymphs.

Thousand Lake Mtn: access is possible to DeepCreek and the fishing has been fantastic... Big Brookies...
Solomons basin is also accessible  and the fishing has been good.

Boulder Mtn: access is Good to nearly all lakes of the rim, all lakes on the east end are accessible, the Rim will remain closed till June to vehicles, fishing off the rim has been really good on some of the lakes and slower on others, there seems to have been minimal winter Kill on most of the lakes we have made it to currently, Ice off is a good time to target large Brook Trout and also Cutthroat.

We have Float Tubes available to rent for the mountains... stop by and pick one up...


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