Thursday, March 27, 2014

Boulder mountain fishing utah

Hello Guys.
as many of you Know I have been Part of the Boulder Mountain Fishery Committee,
The Last Two Meetings there has been some serious discussion on whether to Poison Donkey Lake,
as Well as Upper Bowns also Known as Oak creek,  the argument is that the brookies are small and stunted.
one gentlemen tonight commented as saying... " I fished Donkey Lake 3 Times Last Summer and only Caught One
little Brookie and I'm a pretty good fisherman, also there is no food in that Lake for them fish to eat".
what are your thoughts on Donkey? Do you Feel It is Under Achieving? would You Be in Favor of treating it, or would you rather that
I fight for a different management plan to improve the fishery?  one suggestion was introducing a small number of tiger Musky to Help with population control.
Thoughts people Please.... if you like Donkey or Upper Bowns PLEASE, PLEASE, send me an email I need the input of you the Fisherman.
Second...  Cutthroat Trout... How many of you enjoy catching them? would you like to see more of them? or Less? 
also Grayling... More or Less of them? Do you Like the diversity of the fishery or would you rather see it narrowed???   please don't Just ignore this Email.
I need Fuel and Support From YOU THE FISHERMAN...   pass this around to all those you Know Who Have Fished the BOULDERS... I need Your opinions and Thoughts...  an effective thing is to right a letter addressed to the Boulder Mtn Fishery Committee. let me share your feelings, I need support please let your voices be heard.
Thanks Guys MIKE JAMES
Quiet Fly Fisher.
And thank you

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