Monday, June 6, 2016

Southern Utah Fly Fishing Boulder Mountain

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Boulder Mountain.
access is now possible to all lakes and trail heads below the rim, the boulder top will not be open till later this month.
fishing with leech patterns san Juan worms, and a variety of bead headed nymphs has been picking up a few fish.
look for the callibaetis hatches to start coming off late June to early July.
The Damsel Flies are just starting to show up…. a couple more weeks and it should be awesome!
this reservoir has been fantastic this year, there are good numbers of Brown Trout And Tiger Trout.
A float Tube is a great way to fish this water better and improve your chances, try fishing simi seal leeches and Zug Bugs.
Fremont River/UM/SevenMile
The upper Fremont is still running high due to increased flows from Johnson valley reservoir, the Caddis and Stone flies are starting to show up one more week and this river, UM creek, and Seven mile will be fantastic!
flows are coming down on both seven mile and UM creek.
The Lower Fremont is running low and Clear, fishing just keeps getting better and Better Here. it should peak for dry fly action in a couple more weeks, then hold for nearly a month before the hatches start to slow down.
Found This Damsel The Other day… Time To Get Excited!


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