Friday, December 16, 2016

Southern Utah Fly Fishing Guide service And Fly Shop.

Fly fishing southern Utah. Capitol Reef. Boulder mountain. Fremont River.
Guides and fly shop with the Quiet Fly Fisher.

With the warmer then average weather this winter I decided to take advantage.
I started on a near by reservoir, the ice had not yet completely covered, I chose a pre-rigged 5 weight with a sink tip line and a simiseal leech. The air was calm and I casted to the edge of the ice, waited a few seconds,listening to the Bald Eagle cry from the near by hill side, I began to retrieve, Bam! The hit was solid,  and the fighting fish brought  me a smile, the fishing remained fast for the 40 minutes I had on the water, with a hit, or a fish, about every other cast.
 It was a welcome escape.
Can't wait for spring!
Call or e.mail  soon to book for next year and save!

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