Monday, November 18, 2013


 There is No ice yet on the main body, the marinas and some of the bays have a thin sheet of ice.
launching a boat is still possible, that could change any day.
fishing at the twin creeks area has been slow, the browns are in, fishing for them was not the greatest,
on the bright side we got in to several small rainbows using small sz 16 pheasant tail nymphs.

Thousand Lakes.
Access is still possible to the Solomon basin area, the lakes have ice forming, still to thin for ice fishing, some of the lakes thaw out in the afternoons.  fishing has been fair, sz 10 olive buggers have worked well.

Boulder Mtn.
Access is very limited, plenty of Snow and cold on the mtn.
all most all lakes are closed at this time.

Fremont River.
 the lower fremont has increased flows, fishing has been very slow, the Bicknell bottoms is fishing slow. the upper Fremont has been fishing well for smaller browns, we have been using October caddis and polish pheasant tail nymphs, glow bugs have also been affective.

Johnson Valley Res, access is still possible, there is a thin sheet of ice over most of the reservoir.

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