Wednesday, July 10, 2013


                Fishing has been fair to good outside the weed line in the twin creeks area for Rainbows and a few Splake, we use a sz 12 olive wooly bugger and trail it with a sz 14 pheasant tail nymph.
the takes can be light so be ready.

                       The reservoir is is filling currently, the grassy bank on the highway 25 side can be excellent early morning for cruising rainbows and very healthy 16 to 18 inch browns, watch for the rise and cast near it for an almost immediate take.

              the reservoir has been restocked, the fish are very small. look for this to be a great water next summer.

Fremont River.
                          The caddis hatch is in full swing, that coupled with early grasshoppers has made for some of the best dry fly fishing in the area currently.early mornings and late evenings are best.

         The fishing has slowed this month, there has been plenty of pressure up there, if you go, look for the fish to be holding really tight to the undercut banks, the fish are fat and selective right now so don't expect a banner day up there.

Seven mile Creek.
The fishing always seems to pick up on Sevenmile as the fishing slows on U.M. and this year has been no exception, fish a royal wulff along the undercut banks and the pools and expect fast action.
get away from the easy access points and you will have far better fishing.

July is the month for some pretty incredible fishing and hatches the most successful hatch is boy scouts, they are pretty much everywhere so be prepared for company, but really this is boulder mtn, with some looking and home work you can find some less known areas to find solitude.
that said the fishing has been unreal, the fishcreek beaver dam area has been amazing, take some time to find what nymph they like and you will be rewarded. Chriss lake is a great one to hike in to for alone time and amazing dry fly action. call text or email, your lake ideas to try and we are happy to help give more detailed info, e.mail and text works best as i'm out of service quite often.
Quiet Fly Fisher 435-616-2319

                               the reservoir is Low, the fishing remains incredible, get out in a float tube and pull flashy buggers and hang on the fishing is really fast, if you have not caught one with in 20 minutes change your color.

Thousand Lakes. 
 fishing has been good on Round and Morrel, the Damsel flies are active and the dry fly fishing is good. a tube is necessary for almost all lakes on this mtn.

FISH OF THE MONTH 26 inch 7 pound Brown. The Quiet Fly Fisher Guide service.

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