Sunday, July 21, 2013


U.M. Creek.
                       Fishing has slowed, with the warmer weather the cutthroat seek deeper cover and become more difficult to catch here, hoppers fished close to the undercut banks and up under the over hanging brush is picking up a couple fish.

Seven mile.
                    Fishing remains good for feisty brook trout and a small handful of cutthroat trout,
use a royal wulff on top and focus on the undercut banks.

Upper Fremont River.
                                    the river is still off color, however fishing remains decent with olive buggers fished in the pools and deeper runs.

Lower Fremont.
                              Recent rains have blown the river out there was flooding in the bottoms last weekend due to flash floods, it created a temporary dam across the river nearly dewatering the lower stretch for several hours, currently flows are back to normal but the water is heavily stained, it is unclear still how the fish below the bottoms survived.

fish have been stocked, the reservoir has been drained though for irrigation needs.

   The reservoir has good water levels currently. fishing has been slow. early morning has been best if you go.

fishing has slowed some as the fish have moved to deeper water. they are regularly feeding on callibaetis now, so bring your best imitations or swing in to the shop for some of ours.

Thousand Lakes.
                             The damsel flies are every where, the fish are clobbering them, bring some good imitations if you go.

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