Tuesday, December 17, 2013


As seen in the Photos fish lake still has some time before there will be safe ice conditions.
standing by the lake this morning at 8:30 am found temperatures at 17 deg. and calm.
there is ice over much of the southern half of the lake dose not appear to be safe.
there is still a lot of open water from the center of the lake and extending north to nearly widgeon bay.
there were fish actively feeding on midges on the surface at the twin creeks area
fishing was slow.

Millmeadow Res.
 Ice was about 6 inches in depth in some places. fishing was fair for browns and rainbows in the early morning hours. there are decent flows from both the upper Fremont river and from spill over flows from forsyth, as a result millmeadow is rising quickly.

Bicknell Bottoms
has open water, fishing remains slow.

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