Wednesday, August 14, 2013

southern utah fly fishing report


Fremont River.
the upper Fremont continues to fish well using a hopper dropper set up, with the cooling temperatures the fish have started to become more aggressive, olive buggers have been working great to get there attention. the lower Fremont is still running off color.

Mill Meadow.
This has been the best water this week, early morning and evenings have been best, cast to cruising fish from the shore line with hares ears, and olive sheep creek specials.

Thousandlakes Mtn.
the temperatures on the mtn have started to cool and the fishing is improving, we have done best at meeks, round, and morrel pond, using double renegades and olive buggers sz 10.

Boulder Mtn.
water levels on some of the lakes are low but not as bad as last year, the rains have helped, with cooler temperatures on the mtn the fishing has stared to get a little better, callibaetis nymphs have still been the best producer, also we have done well with renegades and cream colored scud patterns.

Fish lake.
fishing has been fair in the twincreeks area, fishing early in the morning has been best using olive buggers trailed with a soft hackle, fishing seems to slow when the wind hits the water.

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