Friday, May 30, 2014

Southern Utah Fly Fishing Boulder Mountain Flies.

The Snow is finally receding on the mountain and access is always improving, most of the lakes below the rim are accessible and the fishing has been good, early season fishing on the Boulders can be both good and bad, being prepared with the right flies is always a good thing.
with the ice newly off most of the lakes the water remains cold, and before it warms the hatches remain suppressed, the fish are feeding though, mostly on leeches, having a good selection of patterns is a must.

  Thousand Lakes Mtn.
the lakes here warm much quicker then those on the boulder, this often results in better spring fishing,
currently the Solomon lakes basin and round lake are fishing well, access is good,  the fishing has been good with light olive and tan leech patterns as well as pheasant tail nymphs.
the upper fremont is now running high due to releases from Johnson valley reservoir,
these increased flows will likely remain most of the summer to meet irrigation demands down stream.
with the flows up swinging a bugger is often very affective, using a large attractor fly on the surface and a sz. 14 caddis nymph below can be very affective.

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