Friday, May 2, 2014


Fish Lake.
the Ice is about 80 % gone today, with the warmer weather the rest of the ice should go quickly,
we fished it today with red midge larva and did well, we also used brown buggers trailed with a smaller nymph and did well.

Johnson valley Res,
the Ice is coming off quickly now, there is a lot of open water on the south end and the edges have receded out about 80 to 100 feet.  look for the fishing to pick up for the Tiger musky as the water temperature warms.

Seven Mile creek and U.M. Creek.
Sevenmile is currently running high with snow melt, access is possible in to the meadow area above the first bridge crossing.
U.M Creek had some run off in the stream, the water was clear enough to fish though, fishing at this time of year is often slow. it should improve as the hatches start in May.

the reservoir is fishing well this year the fish are really good condition, the inlet areas have been best.
we have fished a sz 10 leech pattern trailed with a pheasant tail nymph with good results.

I had the opportunity to help with the survey on this water as well as milmeadow, the fish were in excellent condition, the numbers appeared to be low, those that were there are really fat, all fish looked to be feeding very heavily on midge larva near the bottom.

Upper Fremont.
 Fishing remains good, there are a good number of fish closer to the reservoir now and we have been doing well there, there has been some pressure on the upper stretches,  the water level is currently still low and clear.

Thousand Lakes Mountain.
access is possible to round lake, you can also access the Solomon basin area, fishing was good at morrel pond, and round, there is still drifts blocking access to deep creek.

BOULDER Mountain.
Fishing has been good at the lakes you can access, there is still snow blocking access to the lakes right below the rim, the lower elevation lakes are accessable and the fishing has been good.

Lower Bowns.
 Fishing has been very good. brown buggers trailed with a pheasant tail nymph have been working great.
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