Monday, April 21, 2014


Fish Lake.
 There is still a good amount of ice on the lake, the temperature was 56 deg.
the ice was very rotten and soft, there were cracks running through most of the ice that is left, I would guess that in a week or so it will be mostly if not all gone.
 people have been fishing at the twin creek area and doing well for 12 to 18 inch rainbows.
we suggest a pheasant tail nymph and midge patterns.

the reservoir is ice free and fishing well, it was stocked with an additional 5000 rainbows,
fishing has been fast for those, there are still some nice browns and rainbows in the reservoir
that run between 12 to 18 inches.  we have been fishing brown buggers trailed with a pheasant tail nymph with good results. 

the reservoir has open water, fishing remains slow, the fish that are there are small.

access is still difficult from the forsyth area road, some 4 wheelers have gotten through, access is primarily from the desert side. road should be clear by the end of the week, into the Solomon basin.
it will still be some time before access to deep creek and round is possible.
the lakes are ice free in the Solomon basin area, fishing has been good.
we have been fishing a leech pattern and doing really well.
UPDATE.  as of Wednesday April 23rd access is now possible to the Solomon basin area from Forsyth, access is also possible to round lake.

the Boulder mtn area is open!!!!
access however is limited, there is access 7 miles of the donkey road, snow stops you just past bobs hole, 4 wheelers have made it as far as round lake, they reported ice on round lake Saturday.
bobs hole had some ice, that should be gone soon though, as it was there is plenty of open water to fish. access was also limited to the fishcreek and beaver dam area, one gentleman reported that there was still ice cover at both. most of the lower elevation lakes have open water, we suggest fishing a leech pattern early spring in black, browns, and purples, the takes are light so be ready, fishing has been good at the waters we have made it to so far.

Lower Bowns.
the fishing here has been some of the best over the weekend, the fish have been crushing leech patterns and pheasant tail nymphs, fish have been between 8 inches to 18 inches.

Fremont River.
 the upper fremont remains low and clear, fishing has been good for small browns using pheasant tail nymphs, hares ears, and zug bugs, in sz 14.  access is possible all the way around highway 25 from fish lake to millmeadow.
the bottoms have been fishing slow, use patience while fishing there.
below highway 12 is finally low and clear!!!!  fishing should be really good, you have a limited window of good water clarity on this stretch, that window is open now.

Johnson Valley Res.
the ice is opaque and cracking, there is a fair amount of open water in the sevenmile creek area,
spring can be a good time to target muskie, we suggest sz 4 zuddlers in tan and white, or olive and white.

The Boulders in the spring often requires a good assortment of leech patterns, we suggest fishing them slowly, the fish take them very lightly so be prepared.
here is a couple favorite patterns for spring....

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