Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fly Fishing Southern Utah (Boulder Mtn Area)

U.M Creek.
  The dry flies have been actively hatching for the last week, Caddis, Stone Flies, P.M.D's and even a small handful of drakes.
on the nicer days the trout have been hitting almost anything big and bushy on top, fish the seams close to the banks and be ready.
early morning hours have found the fish holding tightly to the bank and more likely to intercept a pheasant tail dropper rather then the dry.

Fremont River.
   The Caddis, Stone Flies, and Baetis, have been coming off in great numbers on the upper fremont
and the fish have been actively feeding on them. the water level is up due to increased flows from Johnson Valley reservoir, this causes the water to be slightly stained, the fish still actively feed though and it's well worth the trip.

 both reservoirs are dropping from irrigation releases.
the fishing has been better at millmeadow so far this spring with some very nice browns and rainbows being caught, forsyth has been slower this spring, we have used a zugbug on both reservoirs for the best results.

Johnson Valley.
there have been a few smaller musky caught, the water seems to be a little more murky this year,
patience has paid off though. we throw sz 4 black and green zonkers.

reports remain good for those fishing the twin creeks area, there has been a hatch of baetis in the mornings and the fish have been actively feeding on them.

Thousand Lakes Mtn.
the fishing has been good at all lakes.
The damsel flies are just starting to come off, as the hatch increases it brings some of the best dry fly action. with big rainbows and cut's crushing the adults off the weed beds. currently we have been stripping brown leech patterns with good results.

fishing has been great in the fishcreek beaver dam areas,  using a renegade, and baetis imitations.
we have also used mohair leeches with good results, Blind Lake has been really good this early summer too, everybody we saw and talked to was catching fish, we fished mohair leeches and prince nymphs, brown buggers, baetis nymphs, Chernobyl ants, and renegades and did really well, having a float tube is an added bonus on this lake.
access is possible to most of the top. fishing has been good at several of the lakes we have made it to so far with minimal winter kill.

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  1. Thanks mike for all your knowledge on this area. Has been really helpful to me in the pursuit of good times.