Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hey guys Spring is on it's way here, or at least it feels like it ought to be.
 The average day time temp is 55, which is warm enough that the B.W.O.s are starting to hatch on the streams, U.M creek and the Fremont are both clear and fishing well, with low Snow pack this year access is pretty good to both lower U.M and the Fremont, the middle Fremont below Milmeadow reservoir has been running for a couple months with overflow water, although there are not huge numbers of fish to be caught on this stretch there are some nice fish to be had, that coupled with the fact that they cleared the river channel out last year makes for a perfect casting lane up the river, coupled with perfect flows till they open the reservoir up near the 15Th of April makes for a spot to try that won't have any pressure.
 Bicknell bottoms usually fishes incredible at this time of year, however with a little more pressure over the last couple of years this water has forced the fish to be more selective and particular as to where they will hold and feed, this water is almost a definite water to have a guide with you right now in order to be successful.
U.M creek still has some snow blocking access to the top of Forsyth Reservoir making for a bit more of a walk to access, there are some hatches on this water currently some B.W.O.s and even more midges.... the most successful way to fish it is still a nymph rig, fish the way you have been shown by Me, Streamers are still picking up fish as well,
we have really gone through the Shop and added tons of new products and accessories for your next trip, we reorganized our fly selection this year and arranged them in areas from general selection to whats hot now section, and local tied section, should make it easier for people to pick out the patterns that they need much easier.
I will be in California next week on wednesday to do a presentation for the Orange county fly fishing club stop in and say hello if you are in California, we have also been invited to go spend a weekend at the I.S.E in saltlake to hand out brochures, and Visit people. will be Helping out Hill's Discount Flies,
you"ll find us there probably on the saturday.
we hope you are well and look forward to seeing you this year.

sincerely, Mike And Debbie James
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