Monday, February 9, 2015


Southern Utah Fly Fishing Report
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 Forsyth Reservoir, temperature today at 2pm was 56 deg and there was strong wind, the ice as you can see had plenty of slush and standing water on it, there was water running off of every hill down on to the ice,
i did not venture out on the ice as it looked pretty rotten, there were fish feeding at the springs area where there is a little open water.

 Mill Meadow, Ice Fishing is done, there was good ice last week, this week with warm temperatures and wind the ice is cracking and breaking up, this crack is right at the boat ramp. we have been fishing the inlets with black and brown buggers and have been doing really really well.

plenty of open water at the inlets on Millmeadow.

Upper Fremont.   with this warm temperature the fishing has been great, we continue to catch lots of browns
with a variety of midge patterns.

Thousand Lake Mtn
Tried the road over from forsyth today to see how far i could make it. even with the warm weather there is alot of snow on the road, i made it to the gate before backing down, access is possible from the desert side.


  1. Great report!...Nice to go somewhere (via images) where it hasn't been raining! Thanks Mike