Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Southern Utah Ice and Fly Fishing Report

The last couple of days have been pretty warm with temperatures close to 50 deg.
That warmth accompanied by the storm today brought the midges out in force, the  inlets to both millmeadow and Forsyth had good numbers of rising fish, I stopped and fished both today, millmeadow was definently the better of the two for me, I'm sure I would have done better at Forsyth if I'd put my waders on so that I could have castes better and reached the edge of the ice where the fish  seemed more concentrated.  Millmeadow was kind though and the fish where quick to grab a black bugger.

Forsyth at 1 pm was 41 deg, the ice was 12 inches most places,
Closer to the springs it was 8 inches, ice fisherman reported slow fishing
This week.
Millmeadow  at 2pm was 45 deg, fishing was fair for the guys I talked too,
They had a couple 14 inch browns, they said the take was very light and hard to set on.
Ice was 10 inches.

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