Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fishing southern utah, road and water update.

I drove over the thousand lakes mtn road into Solomon basin.
Farell pond was half way open, no luck for me there, floating island had about 15 % open water! I did really good there fishing a black bugger, Meeks was completely covered in ice the edges were really soft though, morrel pond was half way covered with ice, my neighbor fished neffs and said they iced fished, there was 5 inches of ice, they did really well for 10 to 12 inch brook.
The road over the top in to Solomon had about 1 and a half inches of snow in the trees.
Drove the fishlake loop road yesterday, snow on the road but passable with 4 wheel drive.
 the main body of fishlake is completely open, even the marinas had thawed out... Pelican bay was still frozen though, Johnson's was covered in ice, the edges were really mushy looking though. Mill meadow had opened up some but still had a lot of ice from the Fremont inlet to the boat ramp, Forsyth still has ice cover, it's thin, there was some open water by the springs.

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