Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Southern Utah Fly Fishing, Guides Report

Southern Utah Fly Fishing, Guides Report.

               The Browns and Splake have started to sack up at the twincreeks area, we always start with a olive bugger and then a soft hackle or pheasant tail nymph as a trailer fly. fishit deep and slow along the bottom.

Johnson Valley Reservoir.

               The Dam Is shut off and the reservoir is filling, water level is still pretty low, the water clarity is bad, whole reservoir is a muddy mess, there are still good numbers of Musky in the lake through out the summer we managed to hook in to a few, fishing currently has been slow.

SevenMile/Um Creeks

               Seven Mile is fishing good, the Brook trout are spawning so watch for the Reds, they are typically at the tail out of the pools, we fish a pink and black bugger sz 12 in the meadow section.

farther up stream we nymph using a bloody mary sz 14 or even a 12. other worth while patterns have been, Birds Nest, sz 14, hares ear, sz 14, royal wullf, sz 12.

Um Creek. fishing has been slow, the fish tend to really move in into deep water and up in to the undercut banks at this time of year, October caddis nymphs and dries have worked best for us.

Fremont River.

               The upper Fremont is low and Clear, a good number of browns have moved up from the reservoir in to the river, watch out for the spawning beds, aka Reds, they are typically found at the tail out of the pool sections of the pools where the water is a little faster and more oxygenated. we have fished a Hares ear flash back sz 14, or Birds nest in sz 14 or 12, in the pools, glow bugs, pheasant tail, and hopper patterns are a must have too. the Bicknell bottoms area has been fishing really slow, look for it to improve later this fall as the fish move back in after the spawn, section below hiway 12 was off color.

Thousand Lakes Mountain.

Fishing has been great for the Brook trout at Deep, and Meeks, bloody mary and brown buggers have worked well for us, we also use a sz 10 olive bugger with a touch of orange in the tail and do really well. the cutthroat and tiger trout fishing has been really good too.

Boulder Mountain.

               The Mountain closes on November 1st, with the exception of a few lakes, check the Utah fishing proclamations for the lakes that remain open. most of the lakes are low at this time of year, often the deep side of the lake is on the inlet side as apposed to the side that the Dam is on, the fish typically concentrate on the deep sides of the lake at this time of year and become very aggressive. there as been some really nice Brook trout caught on the Mtn this year, also some really nice tiger trout. some must have flies for this time of year are, scuds, tan, blood, and olive, sz  12 and 14. we also use glow bugs, birds nest, half backs, rainbow warriors, and prince nymphs and zug bugs.

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