Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Southern utah fly fishing, guide report.

Fly fishing southern utah in the fall can be the most rewarding or heart breaking experience.
This is the time of year to consider the hatches on the lake or river you are fishing and discover the exact stage of that hatch that the fish are feeding on.

Mill meadow res.
      The reservoir is mostly full, fishing has been slow to fair, the fish that are there are in beautiful condition, meaning fat and healthy, we fished a olive bugger today trailed with a sz 12 half back nymph, the takes were violent!!!

Forsyth res.
Reservoir is filling. Outlet gate has been closed for nearly a month now.
  This reservoir is still painfully slow, fishing shoud improve next year as fish planted this year will ad to the numbers that are currently there.

Lower bowns.
Fishing remains good, it has been best from a boat or float tubes, we have caught them on a number of different patterns, hares ear sz 10 and 12. Brown buggers sz 8, and 10. Bead head pheasant tail sz 12.

Boulder mtn....
Most of the lakes have been fishing good, fishing should continue to improve as the weather cools,
A number of patterns have worked well for us, think fall colors, browns , tans, reds, and orange.
We target the caddis hatches, Baetis, and scuds at this time of year.

Thousand lakes.
Brown buggers in sz 10 trailed with a soft hackle have produced well for us, we have also used renegade, bloody Mary's, and zug bugs, in sz 12 and smaller.

Upper Fremont
Is off color with flows from Johnson valley reservoir. It's very difficult to fish right now.

Seven mile, fishing has been good. Please hit this water only on Saturdays, technically the road is closed Monday through Friday for construction, please honor that.

Um creek.
Fishing remains good here, we have switched to smaller dries in order to get fish to eat, there are lots of hoppers up there as well, pmx hoppers and Dave's hoppers have wored well too, sz 12 and 14.

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