Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Southern utah fly fishing report.

Tips for southern utah during the dog days of summer.
As the summer stretches out the hatches remain strong on most waters in southern utah, 
The insects that are tied to the water like the caddis and May flies ect continue to hatch and often in good numbers, however the size of the emerging insect is often considerably smaller then ones that occured early on in the season. They also tend to hatch earlier in the day and then return in the evening, most hatches start at sun up and are finished by 10 am . Then are noticed again at 7 to 8 pm till dark. So if you go during these dog days of summer ... Get out early... Or sleep in, then hit the water in the cool of the evening. 

Sevenmile creek and the sevenmile road is under construction, stay off it and give those guys a chance to work with out worrying about you. Hit this water on the weekends or after 5 pm when there    
Is no work up there. The brook trout fishing is starting to pick up, use h & l variant or royal wullf, also caddis.

Um creek.
Fishing is best early early early in the morning.... Or late evening... Caddis has been are fly of choice.

Millmeadow, fishing has been hit and miss... We found that fishing was good using sz 10 olive buggers, and soft hackles sz 12. And zug bugs, double renegades also worked great late in the evening.

The reservoir is low, fishing has been slow, zug bugs and pheasant tail nymphs have worked best for us.

Thousand lakes mtn.
Fishing has been good on  some lakes and slow on others,  the damsel flies are out and fishing has been best right along the weed beds. Watch for cruising feeding fish and cast to them.

Boulder mtn.
The mtn has had a lot of fishing pressure this year, it seems I could always find some where quiet... Not this year...  Be prepaired for company if you go.
That being said the fishing has been great this summer...  This is the time of year to really focus on the Baetis hatches, they often hatch at the exact same time each day, finding the time table for your favorite lake can be key to having success on the mtn at this time of year.

Call or text questions to mike, be aware that I'm often out on the mtn myself, text is often best or email...      435 616 2319 .... Thanks guys and good luck out there on the water.

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