Tuesday, February 18, 2014


There is still good ice on the lake. there were three groups of fishers on the ice today, 2 groups just off the weed bed, and one group fishing in about 80 feet of water, the temperature at 10 am was 40 deg, the ice was still solid at that time with no slush, as the temperature warms it looks like there is anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of slush on top of the ice. at the twin creeks area there is some open water, there was a good number of fish stacked up at the inlet. ice appears to still average 10 to 12 inches most places on the lake.


  1. How are the rivers? I was thinking of taking a trip to the area in March to do some fly fishing. Never have been to the area and since I am moving in april, now is the time! Any dry action in march? any ice moved out? Normally of course. I understand ever year is different.

  2. March can be really good on the rivers, typically we have ice out on most of the reservoirs also, probably won't be dry fly action then, but still worth a visit.