Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fishing report southern utah

Fish lake.
 Ice conditions remain good on both the south and north ends. There is still some very thin ice, that changes to open water at times towards the center.  Fisherman have been fishing on 6 to 8 inches of ice in the joe bush area, they have been fishing straight out from the Bowery haven marina also, looks like about 10 to 12 inches of ice there. Everyone I've talked to is catching tons of perch, with a hand ful of rainbows.
There has been very little snow on the ice, average temps at 11 am are 18 deg.
Access is difficult to impossible from fishlake to Johnson's.

Johnson's reservoir is accessible currently from the mill meadow reservoir side, they are done with road work for the winter so any storm could close the road, that being said. I drove from mill meadow to Johnson's and then up seven mile to the bridge crossing on dry roads yesterday. Crazy!!!  There have been a few fishers on the ice at Johnson's no reports on any musky coming in though.

Mill meadow reservoir has been consistently rising there has been little pressure, the sides are very soft. I fished the inlets of the reservoir from shore and did well for rainbows in the 2 pound range yesterday stripping a brown bugger, Also with pheasant tail nymphs.

Looks like there have been very few people on Forsyth reservoir as well. 

Thousand lake mtn.
Access is possible from the desert side as far as morrel pond, before snow limits access, fishing was good for 12 to 14 inch rainbows there.
You will need a four wheeler or snowmobile to access the basin lakes.

Boulder mtn.
A few people have been riding in to blind lake and have been doing well for splake, pressure has been light at all the other currently open lakes.
Check the proclamation for what lakes remain open.

Fremont river,
The upper has been fishing well. A beaded hares ears has been working good. Get up stream a little ways before you begin to fish.
 The bicknell bottoms has been fishing really slow, we have been crawling streamers slow along the bottom off the deeper holes for a few fish.

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