Monday, April 22, 2013


Boulder Mtn.
the Mountain is now open to fishing, however there is still a pretty good snow pack preventing access
to many of the upper elevation lakes, the few lower Lakes that we have made it to have been fishing really good, i spent today hiking in to a an old beaver Dam on the Boulders with Emma my youngest Daughter, she was a trooper as we climbed over dead fall and up steep hill sides following faint game trails to are destination.
When we reached the Pond we were greeted by a large swirl as a large cutthroat moved from the shallows and moved to the cover of a floating log, we eagerly tied on a fly a cast to the near side of the log, at least 6 eager cutthroat moved from the log in a race for the fly, one grabbed it and i was fast to a healthy 16 inch cutthroat, the spring colors on him were amazing, he fought hard and flashed back and forth in the shallows before the fly came loose. a hour more of fishing proved very productive with several large healthy cutthroat seen, it was well worth the walk into this secret little pond I'm sure I'll be visiting there again.
                                           this is one of the smaller colored up Cutthroats.

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