Friday, October 7, 2011

southern Utah fly fishing for Oct 7th 2011

The first snow storm of the season has come and with it more consistent cold nights, this translate into Lot's of big browns moving in to the streams in preparation for the Spawn.... this is what we have been waiting for... watch for updates here as to when this takes place in force... because of higher then normal water levels and a longer warm period the fish have had plenty of forage and are fat and healthy.

Johnson Valley reservoir continues to have releases, as a result the water level on the upper Fremont remains higher then normal... they usually shut the reservoir down around the 15th...

Forsyth Reservoir remains full and spilling, Millmeadow reservoir is nearly full as well this fall and as a result they are sending extra water down the old river channel making for high water on the lower Fremont, there will be a short lower water period this year, when they finally close the gates on mill meadow. as well as a shorter period of lower water on the upper Fremont... 

Boulder Mountain got hit pretty hard with the snow storm limiting access to the mountain... with the warmer weather that is forecasted there is a possibility that access may again open up to a few select lakes.

thousand Lakes mountain was also hit pretty hard by snow. and with warmer temps forecasted and the hunts going on will make for a muddy mess on both Thousand lakes and Boulder... use caution if you go.

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