Sunday, June 12, 2011


There is still allot of high water out there... the upper U.M. is still blown out with there being a good chance that there will need to be some repairs to the first bridge crossing... the upper Fremont is running at record levels as well,  there has been damages to stream banks on the middle Fremont as a result... the lower Fremont miraculously seems to be running low and clear there are some occassional days where the water is a little cloudy most days it stays clear... the stone flies are starting to hatch as well as the caddis, fishing on the Fremont has been best on the lower... stripping olv streamers on the upper is still picking up a few fish as well... high water should be down with in ten days...  Boulder Mountain is accessable to most of the lakes that are off the rim with access to the summit probably not possible for 2 or 3 weeks if that...  fishing below the rim has been really good on the east end lakes such as Fishcreek and beaver dam including Donkey and Bobs hole ect... leech patterns have been the most affective as well as Pheasant tail nymphs...

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